How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod Touch 6

In order to keep fit, I form a new habit of jogging after dinner recently. I believe that listen to music while jogging will cheer me up so that I can keep holding on. But here’s the thing: I think carrying my Android phone which has a 5 inches display while doing exercise is a little inconvenient. So I bought a new iPod Touch 6 which is smaller and want to transfer thousands of music from Android to iPod. Is there any easy way?

Since you want to transfer thousands of songs, a comprehensive Android to iPod music transfer named iTunes Transfer will be highly recommended. It enables you to copy unlimited songs with few steps.

iTunes Transfer allows you to sync songs from Android to iPod Touch even if they run absolutely different operating systems. No matter you use Samsung, Google Nexus, Sony or other Android phones/tablets, even iOS devices (iOS 6 to iOS 9.3), you can easily transfer songs along with ID3, which represents for artist, album and genre of the songs. Then, how to transfer music from Android to iPod Touch? I will show you in the below paragraphs.

iTunes Transfer – professional Android to iPod transfer tool

After getting a copy of iTunes Transfer, please read the tutorial below and you will find this software extremely helpful than other tools which need complex operations.

Step 1 Install iTunes Transfer on your computer
iTunes Transfer supports both Windows and Mac version now, you can download the compatible one according to your computer OS. In this article, we will take Windows version for example. Firstly, download and install iTunes transfer on your PC. Then, launch it. And you will be asked to connect your Android to the computer.

Android to iPod Transfer

Step 2 Connect Android and iPod to transfer tool
Now, connect both Android phone to iPod to the same computer with USB cables. Once they are well connected, you may browse them under the DEVICE tap.

connect Android to iTunes Transfer

Note: If the device is first time connected to your PC/Mac, allow USB Debugging while it shows on your Android device and tap Trust This Computer on iOS device. Now your devices should be connected to computer successfully.

Step 3 Copy music from Android phone to iPod

Click DEVICE option on the top line and choose your Android phone. It will list all the media files inside your Android phone. Check the ♫ on the top left corner to show all the music files.

Now choose all the music you want to export from Android to iPod by check the boxes in front of them, click the export icon on the top right side. Tap your iPod device. The tool will cover the rest for you.

Export Android Music to iPod

Here are all the steps you need to operate to transfer music from Android to iPod. Besides music, iTunes Transfer is also a good assistant to transfer other media files like movies, playlist, and more. When your friends ask you how to transfer music from Android to iPod touch, or other devices, you can proudly show them the way as the previous steps shows. I am sure that your friends will appreciate you because you help them solve this big problem.

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