How to Transfer Photos from Android Mobile to Computer

Compares to expensive iPhone, Android conquers more than 85% of the mobile market with its affordable price and numerous models. With various Android mobile devices, people can experience the convenience brought by the development of technology. Taking photos, shooting films or just having some selfies, Android phone would be one of the most choices.

However, small storage would be a shortcoming on some old Android phones. With only 8GB, you can not take too much high definition photos. As a result, a photo transfer would be essential for your Android camera. Luckily, Android Photo Transfer provides you a solution to move, copy, edit and delete Android photos on your computer. Read the guide below to see how you can move Android photos to local disk on your computer.

Android Photo Transfer – manage Android Photos on PC

Download the Android Photo Transfer below. This handy tool can help you manage photos and pictures taken by your phones or downloaded from the Internet.

Install the software as other common program and connect your Android device to PC via USB cable. Android Photo Transfer should detect and show the info of your mobile in seconds.

Method 1 Copy all photos on Android to PC
Browse at the Home page. There you will see a shortcut “Backup Photos to PC“. By clicking it, you may export all the pictures and images from Android to computer.

Android Photo Transfer

Method 2 Selectively transfer photos from Android to computer
Since at most scenarios, you don’t need to copy all the photos into your computer. Therefore, you need to locate to the Photos tab to select them separately.

copy Android photos to computer

Taking multiple choices by checking the boxes in front of them. See on the command line and tap Export > Export to PC. This will allow you directly transfer the photos you need from Android to computer.

transfer Android photo album to computer

Alternatively, you may also right click on the folder to transfer whole photo album from Android storage to PC.

Those are all the methods that you can achieve to sync photos between Android and PC. On the Photos tab, you may also import photos from PC to Android backward by the same mean. Download it below and take a try.

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