Android Transfer

Android Mobile Transfer is a powerful file manager which can transfer, copy, backup data on your Android mobile phones and tablets.

Technical specification and features of Android Transfer:
• Sync various types of media between Android devices, including music, video, photo, contact, message and Apps
• Backup data from Android phones to computer and retrieve back from computer to phones
• Add, delete, edit and merge Android files directly on computer
• Root the Android mobile for more options

Fully compatible with Android phones and tablets runs on Android 2.3 to latest 9 (Pie), supports devices from Google Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Sony and other common brands.

Transfer contact between Android devices

Import Contacts from Computer

Transfer contacts from different sources to Android with Android Transfer. Save contacts directly from iCloud, Gmail, Outlook and other online services. Copy CSV or sync vCard contact infos from computer to your mobile in one click. Merge duplicate contacts into one during the sync process. Also you may add, edit and delete certain contact on your phone.

App Management and Backup

Android Transfer empowers you to batch-install multiple apps over your Android devices. By the same method, you can always uninstall unwanted apps in several steps. In order to release storage space, you may also uninstall bloatware pre-installed on your phone or export them to computer as APK files.

Install and uninstall Apps on Android
Edit Android files on computer

File Explorer for Internal Storage

You can get access to system folder on disk mode and browse all the files on internal storage and external SD card. By this mean, you may treat your devices like a flash disk. Music, photos and videos can be easily transferred by drag-and-drop. Furthermore, you may export all the device's directories to computer to make a full backup for your phone.

Get Root Access of the Android System

This Android data management tool provides suitable solution for you to get root access over your devices. With root access, you may remove the pre-installed Apps, take full control to manage, browse, edit or delete any files on your phone and tablets. Furthermore, you may customize and optimize your own Android ROM with its powerful features.

Get root permission on Android device