How to Backup Contacts on iPhone SE to Computer

Acquire a shiny latest new bought iPhone SE? No doubt that you would take it out and show everyone you know around. But do you know how to keep your iPhone data safe, prevent the momentous information from loss or stolen. I think it would be only one way to achieve it: Backup routinely. So here comes the question: How do you backup iPhone Data, like contacts, SMS, photos, music and videos?

While talking on iPhone contact backup, most people would prefer to use iTunes and iCloud. Well, it would be a moderate way if you are using Windows version iTunes and on a bad network connection. It would be much better to try another offline iPhone contact backup tool now – Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer empowers you to backup most iPhone data in one click. It’s an easy, simple and safe solution for you to backup contacts on iPhone as an iTunes alternative. Follow the instruction below to store iPhone contacts to PC.

Phone Transfer – Handy iPhone Contact Backup Tool

With Phone Transfer installed, you may backup and restore contacts on iPhone easily. This iPhone contact management tool can also merge duplicate contacts automatically.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to Phone Transfer software
Download this mighty iPhone Contact Manager and install it on your computer. As soon as you launch it, the primary display would be shown as below.
Click the tile “Back Up Your Phone“. Use the USB cord connect your iPhone SE to computer.

iPhone Contact Manager

Step 2 Backup iPhone contacts to computer local disk
Once the software detect your iPhone, it will scan all the items that can be backuped. The content will be listed in the middle.

choose contacts to be backuped

Since all we need is to backup contact for further recover, uncheck the boxes except Contacts. Now, simply click the button Start Copy. The pop-up window will tell you how long you have to wait.

iPhone contact backup process

Within a minute or two, all the contacts on your iPhone will be backuped and arranged well on your computer.
If you’ve already had a backup pack, you may follow the guide restore data on Android phone similarly to recover your iPhone data.

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