Quick Guide to Backup and Restore iPhone 7 Data

A lot of your friends flaunt their shiny new iPhone 7. Then a few grands have you spent to acquire one. However, just like Murphy’s law states, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” Therefore, backup your iPhone 7 data routinely is important and essential.

Phone Transfer is a powerful mobile data manager provides a simple way for iPhone users to backup all data to PC. Instead of complicated procedures on iTunes, Phone Transfer backups your contacts, SMS, calendar, call logs, music and videos in one click. Furthermore, you can retrieve your data from backup pack with it. Now, never will you get data loss. It’s time to learn how to achieve this.

Phone Transfer – Protect your iPhone data

Phone Transfer supports multiple models of mobile devices data backup. You may download the trial version below to deploy it on Windows PC or Mac computer.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer and scan for backup
Launch the software after successful installing on computer. While the primary interface displays, select “Back Up Your Phone” tile. Now, connect your iPhone and the software with USB cable. This tool will automatically locate all the data and show them on the middle line.

iPhone Data Backup Tool

Step 2a Backup iPhone data to PC
Select some or all types of data by checking the boxes. Click “Start Transfer” to launch the backup process. Now wait till it’s fully completed.

Backup iPhone data to PC

After that, you may find your backup pack on local computer. The path where backup file stored can be viewed under Settings.

Step 2b Restore iPhone data from computer
Once you have successfully backed, you may restore all the data anytime you want.
Return to the main window, choose “Restore from Backups” > “PhoneTrans Backup File“. There you will see a similar window as backup function. Choose the data and media file as you need and click “Start Transfer“. The program will do the rest for you.

Restore files to iPhone from backup pack

Note: If you tend to clean the original content on iPhone before restoring, check “Clear data before copy” below. Otherwise, keep it unchecked.

That’s how to backup and restore all iPhone data in 2 steps. Probably it’s the most simple way to keep your data safe from loss. In addition, you may also backup and restore your Android phone by this mean.

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