How to Backup Nokia Symbian Phone to Mac Computer

Here is the return of Nokia classic phone, Nokia 3310. The relaunch of Nokia mobile project has dominated news last week. For those who tend to feel the good old days of old-fashion tech, Nokia 3310 provides notable Snake for you to kill time. Compare to the 2000 version, this 2017 one has a 2MP camera equipped. Therefore, I think a lot of Nokia fan can’t wait to own one right now.

Although Nokia classic phones are known as solid as rock, it would be essential to backup them routinely. It would be easy if you are using Windows PC, for most mobile phones can display on Windows Explorer while linking with USB cable. However, it’s nearly impossible to make a backup for Symbian phone on Mac. You need to have data transfer tool installed first.

Phone Transfer for Mac is a great utility for Nokia Symbian phone on Mac. You may use it to copy data between different mobile. What’s more, you can easily backup and restore all the data via Mac. Now, download this tool below and follow this step-by-step guide below.

Phone Transfer – Symbian Data Transfer for Mac

Use Phone Transfer to manage contacts, messages, photos, videos and even music on your Nokia Symbian mobile.

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer for Mac
Install Phone Transfer as other software on Mac. Select Back Up Your Phone at the very first place. As soon as you move to this section, you may see the demo as below.

Backup mobile phone data to Mac

Step 2 Connect Nokia phone to Mac
Use a USB cable to connect Symbian phone to Mac. Meanwhile, the software will scan for media files and display them on the main window. Select the all the filetypes that you tend to store in the backup pack, then tap Start Copy.

backup Symbian files to Mac computer

The Symbian backup tool will begin to locate and process all the data on your mobile. In less than minutes, everything will be compressed into a single pack and saved on your hard disk.

By now, all the data have already well stored on your Mac computer. If you need to restore them lately, simply choose “Restore from Backups” on step 1. IMHO, it would be beneficial to you to take routine backup for your phone. Mobile has price, the data doesn’t. Keep data safe before you lose them forever.

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