Things to Do Before Rooting Android Phones

What is rooting on Android? Perhaps you may confuse it to iOS JailBreak. In fact, they are quite likewise. Rooting on Android means the process of allowing users to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems. Since Android is using Linux kernel, to root an Android device just like access superuser permissions as on Linux.

By rooting your Android device, you may remove pre-installed bloatware, tune and speed up the system. What’s more, you may flash a modified ROM for your phone or tablet. However, rooting an Android isn’t always safe and simple. Your phone may be bricked if you do not follow the suitable process. Here are some quick tips for you to follow before you try to root your Android mobile.

Preparation for rooting Android mobile devices

In order to keep your data and hardware safe, you may proceed one or more preparations below.

1 Backup data on your Android device
Due to Murphy’s Law, everything bad could happen while you try to root the Android handset in front of you. Therefore, always backup crucial data on Android to external storage. For example, backup Android data to computer would be a good choice for you.

Backup your Android data before perform a root

2 Get enough battery charge
Just like food to human, electricity is the life of machine. Do not attempt to do any modification when your mobile is “hungry”. In my humble opinion, 80% would be a good battery level.

3 Install the latest driver
Why my computer can’t access the mobile? Please do remember, always update the driver to the latest version. If you haven’t installed Android driver before, you may be failed to connect your phone to root software.

4 Read carefully about the root tutorial
It’s clear that every mobile has its own method to get root access, hence it’s important to read carefully the guide. Make sure the DOs and DON’Ts. And as always, a video tutorial is much better than plain text one.

Read all the detail about how to root your Android device

That’s all you need to beware during the rooting process. Hope all these can help you achieve what you want.

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