How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android N

According to the survey from IDC, BlackBerry shipped 5.8 million handsets and its market share hovered at about 0.3%. On the other hand, more than 78% of mobile devices run on Android now. Since the development of Android system has gone wildly fast from Android Gingerbread to Nougat, still you want to stick to BlackBerry? Or you can’t resist getting a better Android phone?

It’s easy to get an Android phone. However, it’s not easy to get BlackBerry data, like contacts, text messages, into Android. Perhaps you would need a BlackBerry to Android data transfer, and here’s an ultimate solution for you: Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is the software that designed to copy, convert and migrate data between iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile system. With its help, you can transfer contacts, photos, SMS, music between BlackBerry phone and Android phone. Now, follow the guide below to export your BlackBerry data.

Phone Transfer – Merge BlackBerry data to Android phone

If you want to simply transfer contacts from BlackBerry phone to Android without using Google Sync, you can click to download tool below.

Step 1 Make a BlackBerry data backup
If you have created a BlackBerry backup with BlackBerry® Desktop Software before, just skip the step.

Now, connect your BlackBerry phone to the computer after installing the software. After that, click Backup up now to make a non-encrypted backup pack to the computer.

BlackBerry data backup software

Step 2 Connect Android phone to the computer
Install Phone Transfer on your PC, run it and connect Android phone with USB cable. Click the tile “Restore from Backups“, then choose “BlackBerry” in the section.

Copy backup pack data to Android

Step 3 Copy files from BlackBerry to Android
On the right side, you can monitor your Android phone model if it’s connected to the software. On the left side, you will find the backup pack you have already saved on your computer.

Choose the contents like contacts, text messages, call logs, you want to restore to your Android phone. Click “Start Copy” to launch the process. Depend on the size of files, it should be done in less than two minutes. What’s more, make sure your phone is well connected.

transfer BlackBerry data to Android phone

After all the data are transferred well, you may check it on your Android phone. Furthermore, you may follow this instruction to transfer BlackBerry contacts and SMS to Samsung, Google Nexus, Sony, LG or any other Android devices from Android 2.3 to Android 7.

To get a copy of Phone to Phone Data Transfer, simply click the button below.

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