How to Transfer Photos from Android to Another Android Phone

Nowadays, mobile phone are in great rapid develop. People always want to use the latest cellphone equipped with the best hardware, like better camera with higher resolution. Therefore, mobile users may change their phones frequently. Switch to new phone is easy, but move photos from old Android to new Android phone would be a hardship. Since different software stores pictures and images on various paths, you can locate and transfer them in once.

Luckily, Android Transfer can automatically scan all the photos and pictures on your phone. With its unique feature, image files on both internal and external (SD card) storage can be located and transferred. Furthermore, if your device supports photo album, Android Transfer can also directly sync whole album to new Android phone.

If you’ve taken a lot of photos and save many pictures from Internet, Android Photo Transfer would be the best choice for you to backup to the computer too. Download the tool below and read the following guide.

Android Photo Transfer – Move photos between any Android devices

Sync photos between Android phones and tablets, backup images to computer, Android Photo Transfer would be the best choice without a doubt.

Step 1 Connect both Android devices to Android Transfer
First, launch the Android Photo Transfer on the computer. Use USB cables to connect both Android devices to the computer. You may browser or switch them at the top left corner. Now, switch to the source device that you want to export the photos and albums.

Android Photos Transfer

Step 2a Transfer photos between Android phones
Locate to Photos tab on the top line. After that, select all the photos that you want to move to new Android. Click Export > Export to Device and choose your device. The software will copy all the photos selected to the destination device.

export Android photos to Android

Step 2b Transfer photo albums to new Android devices

On the left side, you can see all the albums that existed on your old Android phone. Right click on the albums, choose Export to and select the new Android device. By this mean, you can easily move the whole album along with photos in it to new phone or tablet.

sync Android albums to new Android

That’s how you can transfer photos from old Android phone to new Android mobile. Furthermore, you can copy other media files like videos, music from the old Android phone to the new one.

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