How to Transfer SMS from Android to Android M

It’s known that Android phones are various. As a result, brand new Android phone model comes out nearly monthly. When you’re catching up the latest Android phone, like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G4 Beat or Sony Xperia Z4v with Android Nougat, have you ever thought about how to transfer text messages between Android phone?

Since modern Android devices don’t have external storage, to move SMS between Android phones or tablets via SD card seems nearly impossible. Hence copying text messages from old Android phone to the brand new one could be an ordeal for those who aren’t familiar with Android system. Now, you may do it with Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is a tool that may help you to get all text messages exported and imported between Android phones includes Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola and Google Nexus. With it, you can save your SMS to the new Android phone in one click. Click to download this tool below and follow the plain tutorial below.

Phone Transfer – The Best Android SMS Management Software

Not along the SMS can this Android SMS Transfer get, but also varieties of files and data between Android devices. Get it and have a try!

Step 1 Install the Phone to Phone SMS Transfer
Install the Phone Transfer after downloading it above. The primary interface should be lay as demonstration below. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer tile and prepare two USB cables for your phones.

Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 2 Connect both Android phones to the computer
Use the USB cables to connect them to computer so that the software can detect their models and scan the SMS in them. Make sure the Source one the Destination device are placing on the right position. Simply clicking the Flip can reverse them.

Android to Android SMS Transfer

Step 3 Transfer text messages from Android to Android
Now, uncheck other contents in the middle column. When everything is checked and well, tap the big blue “Start Copy” button. The transfer tool will do the rest for you. In addition, you can watch the process on the pop-up window.

copy text messages between Android

Furthermore, if you want to transfer other data between Android phone, simply check the contents on step 3. Now, you can enjoy the latest, wonderful brand new Android phone with all your data transferred.
Don’t forget to keep a copy of the tool by clicking the button below.

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