How to Delete Pre-installed Apps on Android Phone

Android system is free, but not the Android devices. In order to lower the cost, hardware manufacturers will tend to have co-op with the software company. As a result, they install unnecessary bloatware on the phone, so that they can sell them at a better price. Therefore, you may need to uninstall the software you don’t want.

Apparently, it’s quite boring to delete Apps by tapping them one by one. Android App Manager empowers you to remove unwanted program in batch. With the unique function on App management, Android Manager makes possible to install, uninstall, import and backup Apps over your computer. Let’s see how to remove Apps from Android phone or tablet with Android Apps Manager.

Android Manager – Delete pre-install Android Apps in one click

Simply click the download button below to get a copy of Android Manager. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to get safe removal without data loss.

Step 1 Install App manager on your computer
Install and launch this transfer tool over your computer. After that, connect your Android device to computer. This tool will scan the basic info and display them on the primary screen.

Android App Manager

Step 2 Remove Apps from Android
Move to Apps tab on the top bar. There you can browse all Apps that installed on your phone. Select the software that you don’t need them, tap Uninstall button. Android Manager will do the rest for you.

Uninstall Pre-installed Android Apps

By using Android Transfer, you can easily remove pre-install Android Apps by yourself. What’s more, you can also export and backup your Apps with this tool. So that you may restore your Apps data to original or new Android phone.

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