How to Merge and Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

If you’ve just move contacts from iPhone to new Android phone, it might be a mess. By default, one single contact with different telephone numbers will not join into one. Instead, it will come up two profiles on your contact list.

In order to merge the duplicate contact profiles and delete the unnecessary ones, you need an Android Contact Remover. As a result, Android Manager would be one option for you to manage Android in a simple way. This handy tool helps you to add, edit, remove and merge contacts you imported from different sources. Furthermore, you may also export your Android contacts to Gmail or other online services with this mighty software.

Android Manager – solution to your Android management

To transfer your contacts to a new phone without duplicate ones, try to achieve it with Android Contact Manager. You may also apply it after the transfer process. It can scan and de-duplicate automatically.

Step 1 Connect Android device to computer
After successfully installing Android Contact Manager on your computer, you need to connect your device to PC with USB cable. Once the software detects your phone, it will display the basic infos on the primary window.

Android Contact Manager

Step 2 Remove duplicate profiles on Android contact
Now, locate to “Information” tab and click “Contacts” to the left. On the second top line, choose “Merge“. After that, the program will scan and display all the duplicate contacts on the pop-up windows. Contacts with the same name, phone number or Email address will be listed.

select duplicate contacts

In most of the scenarios, you need to merge all duplicate profiles. Therefore, all contacts have same contents will be ticked off by default. If you want some of them to keep stayed, simply uncheck the ticks. Tap “Next” to the next procedure.

select deduplicate method

On the upcoming window, choose the suitable match type based on your need. Click “Merge Selected” while you’ve already double check the detail of contact selection. Meanwhile, the software will backup contacts before the merge process, in case you’ve made some mistakes.

That’s all the procedures you need to perform to delete duplicate contacts while you merge profiles from different sources. With this powerful tool, you can also merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone.

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