How to Delete And Erase Data from iPhone

You bought a new phone and you want to sell or give away your old iPhone to somebody now. Your iPhone is being sent for repairing and you don’t want your private data being leaked out. Or your iPhone needs to go factory setting because of big mess. When you are in situations above, you may be eager to find how to erase data on iPhone.

When you get rid of all the apps, Email, music, videos and settings from your phone, you won’t get it back unless you have already backup it up before. Certainly, it’s a drastic step. But it is quite necessary to do that in those situations above. Here recommends Phone Transfer software for you to achieve it.

Today, I will show you guides how to delete iPhone data with the help of Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer, software enables to delete iPhone’s setting and erase all data on your iOS device and turn off iMessage, iCloud, Face time, Game Center services. So make sure you’ve backed up data you want on the phone and the data left is worthless.

When everything is OK, download the software to wipe the data on the iPhone.

Phone Transfer – Erase data on iPhone all in once

Phone Transfer provides a convenient way to thoroughly delete data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. With its help, no one can get your private information from your iPhone.

Note: Before you follow the guide below, you need to make sure that you REALLY want to erase all the data on your iPhone. All the data CANNOT be recovered after the deletion.

Step 1 Run the program and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to the computer
After installing Phone Transfer software, launch the program on the computer. Connect your old iPhone to the computer with an USB cable. Once connected, your iOS device will be detected by the program. On the main window, click the section “Erase Your Old Phone”.

iPhone Data Eraser

Step 2 Delete all data on iPhone
Next, click the button “Erase Now” on the lower-right corner. Here pops up a dialog. Read the tips in it and enter “delete” in the box. Then, click “Start to Erase” to erase all data on your iPhone.

Erase iPhone Data

Now, all your data from iPhone is totally erased. You can sell your iPhone 6 or give it away relievedly and don’t need to worry about that other people will get your information.

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