How to Turn off Find My iPhone Feature on iPhone

In most cases, the Find My iPhone feature runs automatically on your iOS device. Also, once you register a new iPhone with your Apple ID, this feature would be enabled by default. It’s crucial and essential for the security of your iPhone. However, it will also block our software to perform a full scan of the iOS devices. For that would make impossible to transfer data between devices and take a full backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

As a result, temporary disable Find My iPhone provides a better user experience. In this guide, we will show you how to turn off Find My iPhone feature on your iOS device.

Switch OFF Find My iPhone manually

Learn how to turn off Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPod touch.

Step 1 Check if you’re signed in with your Apple ID
In order to enable or disable Find My iPhone, you need to have an Apple ID and signed on your iOS device. To check your Apple ID, tap Settings > App & iTunes Store. There you can view your Apple ID as an Email account.

check your Apple ID

Step 2 Turn off “Find My iPhone”
Now, locate to Setting > iCloud > Find My iPhone on your iPhone. There you should see a switch for you to enable or disable Find My iPhone feature. Tap on it and enter the Apple ID password. Once it’s done, you’ve already successfully turned off it.

turn off Find my iPhone

You can continue to transfer, backup and copy data from iPhone with iOS Transfer. Furthermore, if you tend to sell your old iPhone, you can reset and erase iPhone data after disable Find My iPhone.

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