How to Download Music from Youtube to iTunes

A lot of music lovers would love to listen and watch music videos on Youtube. But in some cases, you may be on a slow network the would throttle your streaming speed. Or, you want to share some marvelous pieces newly released episodes to your friend. But you need to grab it on your computer in the first place, so that you can share them with attachments. To achieve all these, you would need a music download tool.

iTunes Music Transfer, the best music management that helps you download music and videos on Youtube, Vevo, Vimeo, SoundCloud, MTV, Radio and other music share like website. With it, you can also manage music library on your iTunes. Transfer music from iTunes to other mobile devices so that you can bring your favorite songs while you are doing sports.

iTunes Music Manager – Download online music in three steps

iTunes Music Manager empowers you to get music from multiple online music sources. You can copy music to Android phone or iPhone after downloading them, or simply play it on your local machine.

Step 1 Install iTunes Music Manager
Download and install iTunes Music Manager. When it’s done, launch it, you will see the primary window like the demo below.

iTunes Music Manager

Step 2 Launch analyze tool
On the top line, click DOWNLOAD under the GET MUSIC. The analyze page will be shown and the download tool is ready to get music online.
Now copy and paste the URL of Youtube into the box and click the download button on the right.

download music from Youtube

Step 3 Download Youtube music directly
Now the tool will start to analyze the stream path and download it automatically. The progress will show on the screen.

progress of music download from Youtube

When it’s completely downloaded, the tool would convert the video file into MP3. Meanwhile, a notification will pop on the left when the convert process is done.

music downloaded from Youtube

Now, you can browse and manage all converted music on ITUNES LIBRARY > tab.

If you are using Android phone, you may transfer downloaded music to Android with iTunes Transfer itself. If you have an iPhone 6s, you may also copy music directly from iTunes to iPhone by using this mighty iTunes Music Transfer.

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