How to Download music from YouTube to iPhone

Once you’ve heard a wonderful song on YouTube, there is no way you can live without it. No doubt that you need to go grab it downloaded to computer and replay it for a million times. Furthermore, you would love to share it with your very significant one. Now, you need to get acknowledge on how to download music from YouTube to your iPhone 6s.

iTunes Transfer is powerful software that can stream, analyze and download online music to iTunes, transfer songs to your iPhone 7/6s/6+/5s, sync music rating to iPod all in once. Hence, you can follow the guide below to have all the pieces of music downloaded to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

iTunes Music Manager – dramatic way to save YouTube music to iPhone

iTunes Transfer provides a convenient method to download, transfer and manage music from YouTube to every iOS devices. You may copy downloaded music to your iPhone, iPad and iPod by following the guide below.

Step 1 Download from YouTube to iTunes
First of all, you need to download music from YouTube to iTunes Library. Make sure the files are completely downloaded and have included by iTunes Transfer.

Step 2 Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod to the computer
After that, connect your iOS device to PC with USB cable. The transfer tool can detect it and display its model and storage status on the screen.

YouTube Music Download Tool

Step 3 Copy YouTube Music to iOS device
Now on the top bar, click ITUNES LIBRARY > Downloaded items. You can view all the music stores on your iOS device via the given list. Choose the specific one piece of music by checking the box in front of it. Right click on it, tap “Add to” > “your device name“. In less than one minutes, this song will import to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

copy YouTube music to iPhone

You may also make multiple selections by checking the boxes front to the songs.

This is how you can copy all your favorite YouTube music to your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Right now, you can easily play and share your music to your friends. Get Free Trial by clicking the buttons below.

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