How to Fix the Device Fails to Connect to Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer supports various brands of mobile phones and tablets. It’s possible to apply it to any Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phone. Since occasionally we get feedback from our customers, we are about to list some tips to solve connection failed.

When your can’t get info while connecting to Phone Transfer, or the software fails to detect your devices, you may try to follow the solution below.

Phone Transfer – Connection Failed Solution

Follow the solution below to allow Phone Transfer get access to your phone.

1 Download the latest version of Phone Transfer
We update our products weekly while the download link reminds still. Go to Phone Transfer Product Page to download the latest version transfer tool.

Phone Transfer

If you’ve already installed an older version, please remember to uninstall it at the first place.

2 Update the driver
If you are using Android mobile phone, make sure you’ve deployed the suitable driver for your PC. Check this page to browser and update your Android driver.

If you are using Phone Transfer on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, make sure you’ve iTunes installed. Although the tool doesn’t need iTunes running while transferring the data, the tool still needs some components from iTunes to communicate with your iOS device.

3 Double check the hardware
Also, don’t forget to check your USB cable and connection ports. Some malfunction may cause by broken cable or inappropriate port connection. Change it if needed.

Last but not least, if the problem consists, contact us via Email: [email protected]. We will reply you in no more than 48 hours.

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