If you forgot your Apple ID Password

The Apple ID is the email account for you to use service provided by Apple, including iTunes Store, iCloud, Facetime, and more. Therefore, it’s always essential and crucial to keeping your account safe and never leak to anyone. However, it’s impossible to deal with the binary dilemma of security and complexity. In other words, there is a chance that you would forget your Apple ID password.

When you encounter the situation as mentioned above, you may need to reset and retrieve your Apple ID password. There are several ways for you to find back the Apple ID password. First of all, go to official Apple ID account page, click Forgot Apple ID or password and Enter your Apple ID.

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID Passcode

The following steps show you how to reset your password on Apple account page.

Note: This is not the official Apple ID page. Reset or login your Apple ID on https://appleid.apple.com/.
Depending on your security features you are using on the current account, there are a few ways to reset your password.

1 Answer your security questions
If you can remember the answers to the security questions, choose “Answer security questions” to reset your password.

Apple ID homepage

2 Retrieve by email
While you select “Get an email“, Apple will send you an email to your email address you register with. By clicking the links attached to the email, you can easily reset your password.

reset password by email

3 Two-factor authentication
If you have enabled two-factor authentication on your Apple devices, you may directly change the password on another trusted iOS devices. For the users have only one Apple device, they may head to iforgot.apple.com to reset the passcode. However, only from a previously trusted device can achieve above.

reset password by using two-factor authentication

4 Two-step verification
Another option that you may perform is to reset the password with two-step verification. Prepare your recovery key and a trusted device. Login to iforgot.apple.com with your recovery key and choose a trusted device. Apple will send you a verification code to reset the password.

reset password by using two-step verification

After you successfully reset the password, don’t forget to sign in again on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.
Furthermore, you can use Phone Transfer to backup your iOS device routinely, so that you won’t suffer data loss caused by hardware failure.

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