How to Root Android Phone or Tablet and Take Full Control

Android rooting is a process to get superuser privilege on your Android mobile phone or tablet. After rooting, you can easily remove pre-installed bloatware and uninstall unnecessary system apps. What’s more, you could even switch from different Android version to get most convenient on your mobile. In other words, you can take full control of your Android device.

However, how can we get root access over an Android mobile? After all, not one manufacturer is willing to hand out the root privilege by default. Perhaps you would need some professional software like – Android Root Tool. This mighty tool empowers you to root your Android devices in one click.

Before the root process, you should do the following preparation on your Android phone:
1. Make a full backup of your Android phone in the very
2. Get fully (or at least 80%) charged for your mobile.
3. Download the suitable driver for your Android phone.
4. Download the Android Root Tool below.

Android Root Tool – Simple root access software for your Android device

Try to root your Android phone with Android Root tool and take full control of your cellphone. You can easily modify setting and performance after root process.

Step 1 Install Android Root Tool on Windows
Download and install Android Root Tool on your computer as other common tools. After you launch it, connect your Android mobile to the computer with USB cable. In less than seconds, you may see the demo as below.

Android Root Tool

Step 2 Enable USB debugging on Android
If you encounter issue on connection, you may need to enable USB debugging on the very first place. Fortunately, the software will prompt and show you how to enable USB debugging over various Android versions.

enable USB debugging

Step 3 Root your Android phone in one click
Move to Toolbox section and locate the “One-click Root” function. As soon as you click it, the software will start to download the suitable plan based on your mobile device. All you need is to follow the orders from the tool one by one.

root your Android

Finally, you’ve successfully rooted your phone. Since there are a lot of brands and models of Android phone and tablet, Android Root Tool may fail to root your devices. Therefore, you may send us email if your phone is not supported or included. We will add support for your devices as soon as possible.

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