How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone 7 without iTunes

With the release of new generation iPhone, the price gap between iPhone and iPod touch has become smaller. As a result, more Apple fans would rather spend a little bit to get an iPhone instead of iPod touch. Both iPhone and iPod touch are running on iOS. Therefore, you may use it as a portable music player as iPod does. However, iTunes won’t allow you to directly import music from computer hard drive to iPhone.

Just the same as how you manage iPod music on PC, you may use iOS Transfer to import music to iPhone from any folders on your PC. In addition, iOS Transfer can convert the music files into the suitable format so that you can play them on iPhone. Prepare your iPhone 7, a USB cable and download a copy of iOS Transfer below. Now, you are ready for the music transferring.

iOS Transfer – a better iTunes alternative

iOS Transfer offers you a convenient way to manage music, videos, photos and other media on iOS devices. It can do more than what iTunes can do.

Step 1 Install iOS Transfer on PC
After completely downing from our website, connect the iPhone 7 to computer via USB cable. The info of your iPhone can be viewed on the Home page.

iPhone Music Transfer

Step 2 Manage music on iPhone
Locate to Music tab and simply click “Add” > “Add File”. By this mean, you can import songs from PC to iPhone directly via the pop-up window.

import iPhone music from computer

You may also open an Explorer window, directly drag and drop the music files into the Music tab. In addition, the program will convert the file to a suitable format for your iPhone to play.

drag and drop music to iPhone

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