How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPad Air

No doubt that you’ve saved a lot of video clips on the computer. But it’s never convenient to sit tight in front of computer to watch a two hours movie. Instead, watch it on iPad while laying on the bed would be much pleasant. However, to transfer movies from computer to iPad is never an […]

How to Restore iTunes 12.5 Library from iPod Library

iTunes from Apple is mainly designed to sync data to iOS devices in one direction. If you try to connect and sync one iOS device to a new library, iTunes will erase all the current data. And then replace the new library data into it. When your iTunes library suffers from missing content, you will […]

How to Import and Transfer vCard Contacts to iPhone 7

vCard is a format dedicated to store contacts on computer. Therefore, vCard files provide a simple and easy way to save, copy, transfer contact detail. Including name, phone number, Email address, vCard can be used on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC and various online services. Which also means vCard is essential on contact transferring. However, […]

How to Transfer iTunes Library to Another Computer

For most people, it would be excited to have a brand new PC or notebook. After hours of moving all the data to the new computer, then you found it’s impossible to directly copy iTunes library to the new computer. Since iTunes doesn’t store your music data and lists in a single folder, you have […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 7 to Computer

With dual-lens camera, no doubt that iPhone 7 Plus would be a great competition to pro DSLR. Hence people would like to choose iPhone as their primary photograph equipment and take tons of photos with it. However, the storage of iPhone would be the limit of it. Since you can’t change SD card for it […]

How to Unlock Encrypted Backups in iTunes

In order to protect your privacy and data integrity, iTunes provides password protection and encryption over the backups of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. While you grant a password to enable encrypt backup feature in iTunes, all your information will be encoded. However, if you have enabled password encryption over iTunes backups, you may […]

How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to iTunes

Planning to get the fancy iPhone 7 Plus to replace the old iPhone? But do you know how to copy music between them? Of course, you may transport them via iTunes, by making a music library and import and export them several times with complicated procedures. But would there be a more simple method to […]

How to Transfer MP3 Music to iPod Touch without iTunes

First of all, I have nearly 1000 MP3 songs stored on my PC. For some reasons, only 559 songs were successfully transferred to iTunes and only 341 able to import into iPod. How can I make sure all MP3 songs move to iTunes, and then to my iPod? Also, is there a more simple way […]

Quick Ways to Transfer iPhone 7 Plus Photos to USB Flash Drive

Does your iPhone have enough storage space for you? No doubt that 16 GB would be a nightmare for those who keep shooting photos and videos. Although there is no more 16 GB on iPhone 7, while a 32 GB version in lieu of it. Still there is not enough space for a lot of […]

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone 7 without iTunes

With the release of new generation iPhone, the price gap between iPhone and iPod touch has become smaller. As a result, more Apple fans would rather spend a little bit to get an iPhone instead of iPod touch. Both iPhone and iPod touch are running on iOS. Therefore, you may use it as a portable […]