How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone 7 to Computer

Having a bunch of text messages that are hard to save and manage them on a small screen mobile phone? Have you ever considered that you may transfer all the SMS from iPhone to your computer? iTunes won’t allow you to backup messages, hence you need an iOS SMS manager to copy those SMS from […]

How to Transfer Video from Mac to iPhone

I created a 15 second video on my Mac and want to post it to Instagram. When I tried converting it to Quicktime with iTunes and adding it to the iPhone that way, I can’t see the video in the Photos on the iPhone. I’ve also tried reducing the file size and emailing it to […]

How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to Computer

At long last, iPhone 7 is about to be available all over the world. Apple sticks with the traditional naming system with the introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. After more than two months digging on the upcoming iOS 10, no doubt that everyone is excited to experience it on the actual phones. […]

How to Transfer Playlist from iPod touch to iTunes

iPod Touch, a forgotten iOS product, has released the latest 6th generation on July, 2015 quietly. Maybe most Apple fans would rather get the iPhone 6s than iPod Touch 6, but still it’s a product that fascinated by large groups of music lovers. The iPod touch 6 uses the powerful Apple A8 System-on-chip with 1 […]

How to Transfer Photos from PC Computer to iPhone 6s

On Windows PC, iTunes might be one of the worst designed software for mobile users. For Example, if you need to import a picture from computer to iPhone, you have to include into iTunes library, move between albums and take minutes to sync to iPhone. Perhaps iCloud is a good choice, but you have to […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to iPad Pro

Want to buy the new iPad Pro and let go off your old iPad 4? Besides, you eager to transfer photos from iPad to the new iPad. Perhaps you can back up the whole iPad 4 and restore it to your new iPad Pro to make it. But still you can’t choose the photos you […]

How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone 6s to Mac

This might be a question that others have already asked before: How to transfer voice memos from iPhone to Mac? Some say that I can use Dropbox. But I ran out of space on my Dropbox now. What can I do? Need help urgently, can anyone offer help please? We can’t leave without voice memos […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone SE to Mac

Photos on my iPhone are very precious for me. Some pictures are me with my lovely son and some are captured with my grandfather who passed away a few months ago. The photos are meaningful to me so I transfer them to Mac as a backup to prevent them from being away from me. But […]

How to Transfer Video from Mac to iPad Pro

With larger screen compare to iPhone, while lighter weight on MacBook, iPad Pro would be the most successful productivity tool for daily uses. You can easily record, edit and share videos on iPad Pro. But if you have already saved the edited movies on your Mac and you tend to copy them from Mac to […]

How to Fix iOS Devices Not Detected

Normally, once your iPhone, iPad, iPod (includes iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad Pro) attach to the computer which you’ve installed iOS Transfer, the program would detect it in seconds. The model and other information such as storage, device’s name should show on the primary window as well. But there is a chance that these tools can’t […]