How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Marshmallow

I changed from iPhone to Android 6.0 phone recently because I got tired that iPhone has few models to be chosen compared with Android phones. But the only thing I care about before I decided to buy a new phone with a new operating system is about the contacts transferring issues. It’s tedious to move them one by one from my iPhone to Android. Could anyone help please?

Today, I will show you guides how to copy contacts from iPhone to Android with the help of Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is a useful contacts transfer program between iPhone and Android. This awesome program allows you to transfer numerous contacts from iPhone to Android and set you free from the tedious contacts transfer task. With it you can also transfer other text or media files between smartphones.

Phone Transfer – Excellent tool to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

With Phone Transfer, you will find transferring contacts from iPhone to Android is just a piece of cake after you read the tutorial below carefully.

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer on PC
Download and install Phone Transfer on your computer. Then, launch it. You will then be asked to choose the mode “Phone to Phone Transfer” and connect both your iPhone 6S and Android phone to the computer via the USB cables.

Mobile Phone Data Transfer

Step 2 Choose contacts for scanning
Then, after connecting your phones to the computer, you will get an iPhone and Android displayed in the interface. The correct position might be iPhone on the left and Android on the right. If they are on the wrong place, please click “Flip” between them to switch their position. Then, tick the box next to “Contacts” as you want to copy contacts from iPhone to Android. As you can see in the interface, you can also transfer “text messages”, “photos”, “music” and “videos” and more if you like. Click the blue “Start Copy” in the interface to start the transfer.

copy iPhone contacts to Android phone

Note: You can choose to clear your Android before the transfer by clicking “Clear data before copy”.

Step 3 Moving contacts from iPhone to Android
After clicking the “Start Copy” button, you will see the below pop-up showing you the transfer process. Then, after the process ends, all the contacts on your iPhone will be smoothly copied to your Android phone no matter you use Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, etc.

Merge iPhone contacts to Android

If you suffer any detail issue while you are copying contacts between iPhone and Android, you can email us or leave comments below. We promise to give quick response to your inquiry as soon as possible. And for data transfer for other data type, for example, transfer SMS from Android to iPhone, you can follow the similar steps above, it is easy for you if you listen to the steps carefully.

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