How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 7 to iPad Air

I want to transfer my iPhone 7 contacts to my iPad Air 3. I have already had my iPhone backuped on my computer with iTunes and also connected my iPad to iTunes. But when I go to the INFO page and select “sync with” the only option available is Windows and that’s not what I want. How do I transfer all my iPhone contacts to the iPad Air?

Nowadays, many Apple fans tend to purchase both iPhone and iPad at the same time. So that they can go out with mobile while stay home with tablet. But even on the latest iOS 10, to sync contacts between iOS devices is still complicated and not easy to achieve. Imagine you want to send an iMessage or have a FaceTime with your significant one, but couldn’t find their contact detail. It would be awful experience on it.

Phone Transfer is a new tool to connect different iOS devices in one. It provides you a simple way to transfer and sync data between iOS devices in seconds. On this tutorial, Phone Transfer will play a role on contact transfer to merge iPhone contact to iPad. Download the App below and prepare your USB cables.

Phone Transfer – Contact Manager for iMessage Contacts

Phone Transfer allows you to copy and merge contacts from iPhone to iPad even they don’t share the same Apple ID or email account. This feature supports iPhone 7/6s/6 Plus/5s/5c/5, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro.

Step 1 Install and Launch iPhone to iPad Contact Transfer
After the primary panel shown, click “Phone to Phone Transfer” tile. Connect both your iPhone and iPad to the same PC with USB cables.

iOS Contact Transfer Tool

Step 2 Copy iPhone contacts to iPad
When your iPhone and iPad are detected and displayed on the main screen, check “Contacts” in the middle column.

iPhone Contacts copy to iPad

Click “Start Copy” will launch the transfer process. You can check the progress on the pop-up window.

Sync contacts from iPhone to iPad

You can have a chat with your friend or family on your iPad Pro now. Phone Transfer also supports photos transfer from iPhone to iPad, which you can share your very latest traveling photos from iPhone 6s to iPad.
Click the buttons to DOWNLOAD it below.

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