How to Transfer Data from iPhone 7 to Windows Lumia Phone

Welcome to the great Window Mobile Phone! You are about to get the experience of boundaryless between Windows PC and Windows Mobile. While you login to the Windows desktop, you may easily view your text messages as soon as the Windows Phone receives it. In addition, you could also browse and edit the office documents that synced from the desktop PC.

As you can see, Windows Mobile and Windows PC desktop work so perfectly rather than iOS with macOS computer. There is no doubt that you want to get approach to the Microsoft. How about grabbing the latest Windows Lumia 950 XL with the most cutting-edge Windows 10. But wait a step, do you know how to sync the data from your iPhone to Windows Mobile Phone?

At present, there are a lot of online services can cover your need. However, most of them can only transfer one type of data or files individually. Therefore, If you tend to move and merge all the data includes photos, music and video at once, you should look for help from a professional tool. Perhaps Phone Transfer would be a good choice for you. Here is the guide shows how to copy files from iPhone to Windows Mobile Phone.

Phone Transfer – Data Transfer for iOS and Windows Mobile

Phone Transfer provides a simple all-in-one station for data transferring from iPhone, Android phone, tablet to various Windows Phones. Follow the steps below to get data merged in one click.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer on Windows PC
Download the Phone Transfer and install it on Windows PC. Launch it as other software. You will see the main panel below. Click “Phone to Phone Transfer” tile.

iPhone to Windows Phone Transfer

Step 2 Connect iPhone and Windows Phone
After launching it, connect both mobile phones to the same computer with USB cables. Make sure that iPhone placed on the Source while Windows Phone on the Destination. Click Flip if they are reverse.

iPhone data copy to Windows Phone

Step 3 Copy data from iPhone to Windows Phone
Check the boxes in front of the types of file you desired to be transferred.
When everything is done, click Start Copy. The software will do the rest.

data transferring from iOS to Windows Mobile

Now, you can easily access all the media files on your Windows Phone.
If you are using Android phone instead, you may also copy data from Android Phone to Windows Phone with this mighty tool.

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