How to Transfer Music from Old iPhone to iPhone SE

Just order a shiny iPhone SE from Apple Store and desire to throw away your old iPhone 5s? Perhaps you may need to move all your favorite music from old iPhone to new iPhone SE. iTunes or iCloud maybe good choices for you if all the music items were purchased on App Store. But other sound clips and songs directly download from other online music server like SoundCloud, Spotify or even Google Music can’t directly import to the iPhone. Is there a tool that can sync all music from old iPhone to new iPhone/iPad/iPod?

Phone Transfer would be an excellent product that may solve that problem above. This mighty music transfer tool empowers you to move music into iPhone SE. Even if you don’t have iTunes backup of your iPhone, you can still easily transfer music along with it, which could save tons of time and effort to search them back.

All you need would be Lightning USB cables, Phone Transfer and a PC with iTunes installed. You don’t have to run iTunes. The iPhone Music Transfer will launch the module if it needs. Now, follow the guide below.

Phone Transfer – Music Transfer designed for iPhone and iPod Touch

You may perform the same steps on iPhone, iPod Touch and even iPad Pro. Various iOS devices that runs on iOS 9.3 to iOS 7.0 are supported.

Step 1 Install and launch Apple Phone Transfer
While you see the sample below, click the tile “Phone to Phone Transfer“. This will lead you to the iPhone to iPhone Music transfer function.

iPhone to iPhone Music Transfer

Step 2 Connect iPhones to the computer
Now, you can connect both iPhones to the same computer via Lightning cable. The music transfer tool should detect them in seconds.

Place them on the suitable sides of Source and Destination. And check the box “Music” in the middle line.

connect iPhone SE to iPhone Music Transfer

Note: Simply click “Flip” can switch the transfer direction between two iPhones. Remember double check before next move.

Step 3 Transfer music between two iPhones
Make sure both iPhones are firmly connected. Tap Start Copy and the tool will do the rest for you.

copy music from iPhone to iPhone SE

You may view the progress on the pop-up window. The process should be done in 5 minutes base on the amount of music files. You can get a better transfer speed if you’ve USB 3.0 port on your computer. Also, you can transfer SMS between iPhones with the help from Phone Transfer.

Download the tool below and read more guides on our sites.

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