How to Transfer iPhone 7 Photos to Android Phone

The upcoming Android Marshmallow 7.0 has been released. Compare to iPhone 7, Google Nexus 6P are on hot sale. For its lower price and better flexibility on Android, no doubt that you may tend to switch iPhone to Nexus. First of all, welcome to join Android family.

While you are using the top cameras on the iPhone, you may not have stopped shooting and capturing all the precious life moments. With widespread using of wifi, lots of mobile users tend to share their photos to families and friends. However, when you switch mobile phones, it would not be easy to sync photos between devices. What’s worse, if they are running on different platforms, like between iOS and Android, it would be nearly impossible. Luckily, you can learn how to transfer pictures and images from iPhone to Android with the mighty tool – Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer – iPhone to Android Data Transfer Tool

Phone Transfer supports all popular mobile brands include Google Nexus, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Sharp, etc. In addition, all iOS devices run on iOS 10 to 6 are supported.

Step 1 Download and install the Phone Transfer
In the very beginning, install the Phone Transfer on your computer and launch it. After that, the primary screen should be as the demo below. Since all we need is photo transfer now, simply click tile “Phone to Phone Transfer“.

iPhone to Android Image Transfer Tool

Step 2 Connect both mobile phones to Phone Transfer
You could simply use USB cables to connect iPhone and Android phone or tablet to the same PC. The software should detect your mobiles in seconds. Don’t forget to enable USB debugging on Android and trust your device on iPhone.

connect iPhone and Android to Phone Transfer

Step 3 Copy Photos from iPhone to Android
On this step, place the iPhone on the left Source section while Android on right Destination section. Check the box of Photos. Click Start Copy.
Now the software will do the rest transfer process for you.

copy iPhone photos to Android

The whole process should be done in less than a minute with less than 100 images. You can browse the process on the pop-up window. Furthermore, Phone Transfer supports transfer music from iPhone to Android, you may download a free trial below.

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