How to Restore iTunes Playlists from iPhone 7

Hi all.
I’m pretty picky about my iTunes playlists. While there are several main ones (“Jazz”, “R&B”, etc.) and these playlists can overlap in their coverage/share certain songs.
So last Sunday I realized that I had fat-fingered things and had accidentally deleted the R&B playlist.
If possible I’d like to surgically restore *just that R&B playlist* from Time Machine and include it among all of the other existing playlists.
Your help greatly appreciated!

Have you met the situation above? Just want one playlist instead of recovering everything. However, Time Machine can only trace back all the modifications that made on your iTunes. One recovery may also affect to all playlists you newly added. Is there a tool that may allow you to transfer iTunes playlist freely between iPhone and iTunes?

Luckily, iOS Transfer empowers you to restore iTunes playlist by copying from the one on iPhone, iPod and even iPad. As a result, you can easily import and transfer iPhone playlists into iTunes with its help. Follow the guide below to restore one or multiple iTunes Playlists.

iOS Transfer – restore iTunes playlist in a smart way

For Windows users, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed iTunes 10 or later, the latest would be better.
For Mac users, update via Store to the latest stable version.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to iOS Transfer
Download and install iOS Transfer on your computer. After that, connect iPhone to it via USB cable. iOS Transfer will detect your iOS device model and detail. Meanwhile, all the info will be displayed on the primary window as the demonstration below.

iPhone to iTunes Playlist Transfer

Step 2 Restore iTunes playlists via iPhone
Locate to “Music” tab. There you will see all the playlists on the left column. Simply right click on the one you want to restore back to iTunes. Click Export to iTunes.
Now, the playlist you chose will be sent to iTunes from iPhone.

Restore iTunes Playlist from iPhone

If you tend to get better management to your iTunes Library, you may try another product, iTunes Transfer, which is capable of syncing data between iTunes, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air in a better way.
Don’t forget to download the tool below.

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