How to Transfer Photos from iPhoto to iPhone 7

Google has shut down Picasa, a 14 years old image organize software, along with its online service. The project will move and integrate into new-launch Google Photos. However, for Mac user and iOS lover, you would probably use another 14 years old photograph manipulation software – iPhoto. Unlike constantly changing Google, iPhoto from Apple is stable on Mac OS and friendly to iOS. That’s why most Apple fans use it to manage their pictures and photos on their computer.

With the vast changes on mobile devices, people tend to view their images on iPhone, like the latest iPhone 7 Plus with 5.5 inches large Retina display. Perhaps you would love to copy photos from Mac to iPhone via iCloud. But online service can’t be reliable all the times. So have you considered transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone in a more swift and direct way?

iOS Transfer provides a brand new way to copy and sync photos, images, picture from iPhoto to iPhone 7 Plus. In order to complete the process, follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

iOS Transfer – all-in-one solution to copy iPhoto picture to iPhone

iPhoto is only available on Mac. You need to download the Mac version iOS Transfer. On the other hand, Windows version supports photo transfer between PC and iPhone directly.

Step 1 Download and install iOS Transfer
After complete installation of iOS Transfer, launch it. You may see the primary window as demo below.
Once you connect your iPhone 7 Plus to Mac, the software will detect your iPhone model and display on the main window.

iPhoto to iPhone Transfer

Step 2 Add photos from iPhoto to iPhone
Move to Photos tab, click “Add” on the top line. On the pop-up window, locate the images on your mac. That’s how you can simply import photos on Mac to iPhone.

Mac Photos to iPhone

If you tend to copy iPhoto images to iPhone, stay on this page. Then launch iPhoto on the mac. Now, just drag and drop the specific photos into the iOS Transfer. The software will save them on your iPhone.

iOS Transfer empowers you to move photos from iPhoto libraries to iPhone 7/6s/6/5s/5 in a plain way. If you are using Windows PC, another tutorial will show you how to transfer iPhone photos to computer with iOS Transfer Windows version. Take a look, it would be helpful for Win user.

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