How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Phone

iOS and Android, as we known, are two leading operating systems in today’s smartphone world. To occupy more market share, they are quite isolate to each other. Which means it is not that easy to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, the same hassle comes to music transfer between iTunes and Android. Thankfully, there’re some third-party programs designed for help. The one I want to recommend to you is iTunes Transfer.

iTunes Transfer, the outstanding music transfer program between iTunes and Android, make it easier to transfer your iOS media files to Android. With iTunes Transfer, you can easily copy music between iTunes and Android with merely two steps. Music, videos, playlists and more media files can be transferred by the software.

iTunes Transfer – transferring music from iTunes to Android

To keep your music with you even if you want to give away your iTunes and turn to Android, you can try iTunes Transfer, which allows you to transfer songs from iTunes to Android easily.

Step 1 Download and install iTunes Transfer on PC
After downloading iTunes Transfer from the above download button, you can install and launch the extraordinary program on your computer. Then, connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cord.

iTunes to Android Music Transfer

Step 2 Connect Android Phone to iTunes
Since it’s impossible to directly import music from iTunes to Android, you may need to connect Android to iTunes Transfer in the first place. Use USB cable to link your Android mobile to computer. As the demo below, you may see the notification once the software detect it.

Transfer music from iTunes Library to Android

Note: Tap “Allow USB Debugging” while it’s shown on mobile screen. Otherwise, the tool can import music to Android phone or tablet.

Step 3 Transfer music from iTunes to Android
After the setup and the connection, you will see multiple icons on the top bar. Choose “ITUNES LIBRARY”. Meanwhile, music stored in iTunes Library will all be displayed in the interface.
Check the the songs you desire to copy from iTunes to Android, then click the Export icon on the top right and pick your Android device. All selected songs should be successfully exported in no more than five minutes.

Transfer music from iTunes Library to Android

Within few seconds, the iTunes music that you chose to transfer will successfully import to your Android phone. During the process, what you need to be aware of is to make sure that the USB cable on your Android is well connected otherwise the music might get lost. If you have any difficulties while using iTunes Transfer, please feel free to contact us. We will give response as soon as possible.

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