How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

With the widespread usage of mobile phone, no longer people keep their contact numbers with paper and pens. As a result, digital method is one, or say, only one way that people store their contact info now. What’s more, to save contact phone number and Email on your phone allows you find it out fast. However, after you switch several mobile phones and transfer contacts between them, there will be a lot of duplicate contacts.

To identify and locate contacts with same name, email or phone number would be a hardship to human beings. It’s clear a good choice to put these repetitive boring work to the software. Therefore, iOS Contact Manager is coming out for you. This handy tool makes your contact list tidy without a mess and easy to manage. The following guide shows you how to merge duplicate contacts from iPhone.

iPhone Contact Manager – remove duplicate contacts on iPhone

iOS Manager provides an all-in-one solution to add, transfer, edit and delete contacts from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch runs on iOS 6 to 10. Acquire the suitable version down below.

Step 1 Launch iOS Manager and get iPhone connected
First of all, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac. Once the software detects your iPhone or iOS devices, it will display the storage status on the Home page. Move to Information page where you can check all the contacts present on the phone.

iPhone Contact Manager

Step 2 Scan the duplicates
Simply click Merge on the command line would lead you a Merge Duplicate Contacts windows. Then select a suitable match type based on name, email and/or number. At the same moment, the indicator on the right upper corner will tell you how many records are duplicated.

Mark duplicate contacts on iPhone

Step 3 Merge the duplicates
By default, all the duplicate members will be selected. However, you may uncheck the items you want to keep. After that, you can merge the duplicate contacts one by one. Or you may simply click “Merge Selected” to merge multiple info in once.

Merge duplicate contacts on iPhone

After finishing the de-duplicate process, you don’t have to worry that you would dial the wrong number or send email to a non-exist mailbox. Furthermore, you may backup iPhone contacts to computer with this tool as well. Get the trial version below.

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