How to Transfer Music from Android to Android N

Google has rapidly developed their great mobile system – Android. Now Android Nougat rolling out. No doubt that you need and eager to grab a brand new Android N mobile and get in use ASAP. But the stuff on the old Android phone, how should we treat it? Just leave them to stay there? Of […]

How to Transfer SMS from Android to Android M

It’s known that Android phones are various. As a result, brand new Android phone model comes out nearly monthly. When you’re catching up the latest Android phone, like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G4 Beat or Sony Xperia Z4v with Android Nougat, have you ever thought about how to transfer text messages between Android phone? […]

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android N

According to the survey from IDC, BlackBerry shipped 5.8 million handsets and its market share hovered at about 0.3%. On the other hand, more than 78% of mobile devices run on Android now. Since the development of Android system has gone wildly fast from Android Gingerbread to Nougat, still you want to stick to BlackBerry? […]

Things you should know about Phone Transfer License

Before you purchase this powerful mobile data utility – Phone Transfer, Here are some detail you should know. If the following FAQ can’t solve your issue on purchase, you may contact FAQ about Phone Transfer Purchase, License and Refund Policy 1 What’s the difference between trial version and full version? For trial version, there […]

How to Transfer Contacts from OneDrive to Android Phone

According to the research, more than half Windows users have upgraded their PC to Windows 10. By default, OneDrive is installed and enabled on Windows 10 along with the system itself. You may register an account on Outlook to access this feature. Once login with Outlook account, you can freely use OneDrive on Windows. OneDrive […]

How to Backup Nokia Symbian Phone to Mac Computer

Here is the return of Nokia classic phone, Nokia 3310. The relaunch of Nokia mobile project has dominated news last week. For those who tend to feel the good old days of old-fashion tech, Nokia 3310 provides notable Snake for you to kill time. Compare to the 2000 version, this 2017 one has a 2MP […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad Air

It’s a convenient thing to take photo with iPhone. However, it’s much better to show off photos to your families or friends on a larger screen and better retina display like iPad Air. No doubt that it would be an excellent photo viewer. But here is the problem, How to transfer or sync photos from […]

How to Backup Media Files on Windows Phone

After years of co-operation with Nokia, Microsoft has released a few dozens Lumia Windows Mobile. Although it’s never on hot sale, a lot of Nokia fans would tend to own one. Sealed by the label of Nokia, Windows Phone is tough on hardware. However, compared to iOS or Android, Windows Mobile system is quite vulnerable. […]

How to Transfer Video from Android Tablet to iPad

I have an iPad Pro and a Galaxy Tab A tablet now. Here is the problem: What is the easiest way to transfer several large video files from my Android tablet and an iPad? Recently, Apple has released the great giant iPad most ever – iPad Pro. This iOS device has a 12.9 inch Retina […]

How to Transfer iPhone 7 Photos to Android Phone

The upcoming Android Marshmallow 7.0 has been released. Compare to iPhone 7, Google Nexus 6P are on hot sale. For its lower price and better flexibility on Android, no doubt that you may tend to switch iPhone to Nexus. First of all, welcome to join Android family. While you are using the top cameras on […]