How to Transfer Data from iPhone 7 to Windows Lumia Phone

Welcome to the great Window Mobile Phone! You are about to get the experience of boundaryless between Windows PC and Windows Mobile. While you login to the Windows desktop, you may easily view your text messages as soon as the Windows Phone receives it. In addition, you could also browse and edit the office documents […]

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone 7

So you’ve been hanging out BlackBerry phone for a long while. At this moment, really you should ready to get a shiny new iPhone 7, or even an iPhone 7 Plus jet black Edition. There is nothing to be blamed since this new iPhone 7 is an extraordinary piece of hardware. Meanwhile, iOS 10 is […]

How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to Android 7

iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile operation systems today. As a result, people who love to keep up with fashion will tend to switch their phones time to time. It’s easy to sync contacts from iPhone to Android or copy iPhone SMS to Android. But it will be a tough job to […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

I’ve just got a new Samsung Galaxy S7 to replace my iPhone 5s which I bought it 3 years ago. But I need to get my contacts extracted completed. Would you let me know how to transfer all my contacts from my old iPhone 5s to Samsung Android phone? Is there software to do so? […]

How to Download BlackBerry Desktop Software and Backup BlackBerry Phone

This Canadian brand, which stood firmly on the physical keyboard for a decade, confirmed it will no longer make another iconic mobile device. Although the BlackBerry has had a very low market share for quite a long time, still there are quite a lot users keep using their favorite BlackBerry devices. Meanwhile, BlackBerry also provides […]

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to New Android Phone

Congrats that you get a new Android 7.0 phone. It might be the latest Nexus 5P or 6X with Android Nougat. Although the new Android operating system provides more and more convenience to the geeks and hackers. But still it is a bit drawback for those who not familiar with it. For examples, copy contacts […]

How to Transfer Text Messages from Android 6 to iPhone 7

Just bought my wife an iPhone 7. However, she needs to move text messages on the old Android to the new iPhone. Is this possible? In other words, any guide to achieving this? Like many other people, it may worry you on when you want to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone. Since iOS and […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 7 to iPad Air

I want to transfer my iPhone 7 contacts to my iPad Air 3. I have already had my iPhone backuped on my computer with iTunes and also connected my iPad to iTunes. But when I go to the INFO page and select “sync with” the only option available is Windows and that’s not what I […]

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 7 Plus

No matter you were an Android fan or iPhone lover, no doubt that you eager to get the new iPhone 7. However, contact transfer might be one of the most concerned problems while you switch to new iPhone. Since iTunes is only for Apple devices, you can never apply them on your Android. Therefore, you […]

Quick Guide to Backup and Restore iPhone 7 Data

A lot of your friends flaunt their shiny new iPhone 7. Then a few grands have you spent to acquire one. However, just like Murphy’s law states, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” Therefore, backup your iPhone 7 data routinely is important and essential. Phone Transfer is a powerful mobile data manager provides a […]