How to Transfer Data from Old Android to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Congrats that you got a brand new Nexus 6P or Samsung Galaxy S7. You decide to follow the cutting-edge technology and newest mobile device, you will experience a great deal and huge upgrade. But what about the old Android phone, the one has been with you for years and it’s already set up how you […]

How to Transfer Apps from Old Android to Android Marshmallow

It takes time for us to download the app on our Android and some apps should be paid before downloading to your Android. So, many Android users are asking the same question when they think about buying a new Android phone which has a better material design: How can I transfer apps from old Android […]

How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S7

Lots of sales reports on smartphone operating system reflect that Blackberry have got a reducing sales share, from 0.5% (2014) to 0.3% (2015) while Android has a stable one, from 84.8%(2014) to 82.8% (2015). That possibly means a number of BlackBerry users turn to Android, especially Samsung in recent years. As a result, Blackberry to […]

How to Transfer SMS from iPhone 5 to iPhone SE

Apple has announced the latest iPhone SE in last week. Some of iPhone users can’t wait to purchase the new iPhone as soon as it comes out into the market. It’s a good thing to own a new device with more powerful functions but data are the first thing that we concerned about. To help […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone 6s Plus

I now have a new iPhone 6 Plus. As it has a larger screen and better retina display, pictures on it will be display clearer and better. Now I want to get photos from my old iPhone 4s to iPhone 6s Plus. Who can tell me a quick way? It’s good to own a latest […]

How to Copy Apps from Old Android to New Android Phone

Time to time, you are catching up the latest, most powerful mobile phones. For sure, compare to the less modifiable iOS, Android would be the best choice for you. A good mobile phone needs a lot of Apps to be signalized. So one of the biggest problem to switch to a new phone would be […]