How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Tab to iPad Mini

It’s rumoring around that the next-gen iPad mini 5 tablet is expected to release in September, along with iPhone 7. With latest A9 processor and an M9 Motion co-processor, iPad Mini 5 is capable to use 3D Touch feature. Also, a better waterproof technology will apply on this iPad Mini, which makes it potentially get IP68 certification. Compare to the Android best tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad Mini should be the champion on tablet market.

In that case, if you’ve already owned a Samsung Tab or other Android tablet, I bet that you would like to replace it with iPad Mini. But what about the precious photos on Samsung Tab? It’s nearly impossible to move photos from Samsung Tab to iPad Mini directly since Android and iOS are two different systems. Therefore, you would need a tool to cover this problem.

Phone Transfer would be an alternative solution for you, instead of complicate iTunes method. Phone Transfer provides an intuitive way to sync photos between Android and iOS devices. In other words, you can use it to move pictures from your Samsung Galaxy Tab to iPad Mini. Phone Transfer breaks the barrier between them. Let’s see how you can achieve this.

Phone Transfer – handy photo transfer tool for Android and iOS tablets

Phone Transfer also supports photo transferring between Android phone and iPhone. Follow the instructions below similarly. It should take no hassle to you.

Step 1 Download and install Tablet Photo Transfer
Download the transfer tool above and install it as other common software. As soon as you launch it, you will see the interface as below. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer tile.

Samsung to iPad Photo Transfer

Step 2 Connect both tablets to your PC
Now connect the Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad Mini to the same PC with USB cables. Once they’re detected, the tablet info will be shown on both side.
Since we want to copy photos from Samsung Android Tablet to iPad Mini, there we have to make sure Samsung on the Source side while iPad on the Destination side. If they are reversed, simply click “Flip” button above.

Check the box of “Photos” in the middle line. Click Start Copy to launch the photo transferring process.

Copy photos from Android tablet to iPad

Step 3 Wait for the photo transferring process
In typically, the software will show up how long you have to wait on the pop-up window. During that period, make sure both tablets have firm USB connection in case of data loss.

Photo transferring process between Samsung Tab and iPad

In no more than one minute, all photos should move from Android tablet to iPad. Likewise, you can copy photos from Android phone to iPhone with the help from Phone Transfer. It’s simple yet powerful for anyone who want to sync photos between any mobile devices.

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