How to Record Music from Spotify to iTunes Library

We love to work in the atmosphere of music we enjoy, just like we tend to relax with the joy from our favorite TV series that lately broadcast. Therefore, music from Spotify while you are working out is as important as streaming films from Netflix when you lean back to sofa on a lazy Friday night.

To keep up with Spotify music, you may need to stay online. Perhaps you can keep listening by using cellular data. But it’s limited in the places where you can access Internet in a high speed, like metropolitan or urban. If you want to go somewhere far away, you have to get it downloaded. Otherwise, you need to pay annually member fee. Would it be possible to record the music from Spotify?

In my humble opinion, it’s good to download and import the Spotify music to iTunes Library, so that you can sync the music from iTunes to iPhone and play it wherever you go. For Spotify doesn’t support directly copy music to iTunes, you need to achieve this by using iTunes Music Transfer.

iTunes Music Transfer โ€“ Simple tool to record online music

iTunes Music Transfer provides a simple way for you to record, stream and download online music from Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and other radio sources.

Step 1 Get prepare of record process
Download, install and launch iTunes Music Transfer. Switch to the Record function by clicking GET MUSIC > RECORD. The primary interface should be as sample below.

Spotify Music Downloader

Step 2 Start Recording Spotify music with iTunes Music Transfer
Tap the Record button below to start recording sound from Spotify. Now switch back to Spotify and play the music you wish to record. iTunes Transfer will detect the sound soon as you play it. The recording process will start automatically.

Recording music from Spotify

Note: Make sure no other music is playing on your PC/mac while recording.

Step 3 Copy the songs from Recorded storage to iTunes Library
Back to the transfer tool, click ITUNES LIBRARY on the top bar. Check the Recorded ๐ŸŽ™ icon on the top left menu line. You should see all the music recorded with ID3 tags filled well.

save Spotify music to iTunes Library

Now, you can modify the music both on iTunes Transfer and iTunes itself. For further uses, you can copy the music from iTunes to iPhone. So that you can listen to the music even you can’t get access to the Internet. Quite simple and easy, right? Click the buttons below and get a copy.

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