How to Reset Android Phone Without Losing Data

Unlike iPhone, after running for a long time, your Android phone will become slow and run out of storage space. This should blame to too much bloatware, junk files and other unknown issues. The slow Android devices waste you a lot of time and bring you bad user experience. Tricks and tools may help you a little bit. But the ultimate solution is to take a factory reset on your Android phone.

A factory reset can easily free the internal memory, clean the junk files and even extend your battery life. But losing the precious data is one of the shortage. Can we reset Android devices without losing the data that you want to save? Of course, Phone Transfer can help you backup data to computer temporary or permanently. So that your data on Android can be easily restored after the reset.

Phone Transfer enables you to backup various data to PC in once. Data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, call logs and even Apps can be stored on the PC. Follow the instruction below when you are ready.

Phone Transfer – Backup Android data before factory reset

Phone Transfer can move data between devices and desktop computer, both Windows and macOS. Click to download the suitable version base on your computer OS.

Step 1 Install Android data backup tool
Launch it once you’ve successfully install it on your computer. When the primary interface shows up, click “Back Up your Phone” tile. This will lead you to data backup function.

Android Backup Tool

Step 2 Choose file types for backup
In the middle line, you can choose data to backup. Data includes contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and Apps can be easily exported to PC with Phone Transfer. Click Start Transfer to launch the transfer process.

Backup Android data to computer

Step 3 Move photos from Android to iPhone
During the process, you can view how long you need to wait on the new windows. Based on the size of all data, the process will last no more than 10 mins.

Process on Android backup

Step 4 Factory reset your Android mobile

factory reset Android mobile

Now, navigate Setting > Backup and reset > Reset settings on your Android phone. By doing this, you can perform a factory reset for your Android phone or tablet. Lately, restore the backup pack with Phone Transfer. You can get all the data import to Android from PC. Is it quite convenient? Download a copy down below.

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