How to Restore iTunes 12.5 Library from iPod Library

iTunes from Apple is mainly designed to sync data to iOS devices in one direction. If you try to connect and sync one iOS device to a new library, iTunes will erase all the current data. And then replace the new library data into it. When your iTunes library suffers from missing content, you will get the notice. It should be “The file iTunes Library.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes”. In most cases, it means library corruption.

Computer may crash due to sudden power off, accidental file deletion or virus infection. All these may lead to iTunes Library loss. Even you downgrade or reinstall iTunes, it won’t be fixed. However, this powerful iTunes rebuild tool can help you solve this problem.

iOS Music Transfer empowers you to rebuild the iTunes Library from iPhone 7, iPad or iPod Touch. This powerful iTunes recovery can automatically export all current data from your iOS device and import to a new installed iTunes.

iOS Music Transfer – iTunes Library recovery tool

In order to restore data back to iTunes, make sure you have already had an iOS devices that has already store the data you want. iPhone, iPad, iPod in various models that runs iOS 6 to 10 works.

Step 1 Install iOS Transfer
First of all, connect your Apple device to computer with original USB cable and launch the iOS Transfer. In less than seconds, you would see the basic info on the main screen. In addition, data can be restored will list on the left.

iTunes Data Recovery

Step 2 Restore iTunes Library from computer system failure
Back on the homepage, click “Rebuild iTunes Library” icon. After that, the tool will scan all recoverable media on your iOS devices.

Rebuild iTunes Library

Till the process finishes, a window will pop up and display the essential data for you to rebuild iTunes library. Uncheck the items you don’t want to copy to new iTunes library and click Start to launch the rebuild process.

import data to iTunes Library

At last, you can get your iTunes Library back without any data loss. What’s more, you may also recover the photo album by this means. Now, you are able to play your favorite music on the new install iTunes. Don’t forget to get the latest version iOS Transfer below.

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