How to Transfer iTunes Library to Another Computer

For most people, it would be excited to have a brand new PC or notebook. After hours of moving all the data to the new computer, then you found it’s impossible to directly copy iTunes library to the new computer. Since iTunes doesn’t store your music data and lists in a single folder, you have to acquire a professional tool to complete the transfer process.

Luckily, iOS Transfer provides you a solution to migrate iTunes library from one computer to another. By using your iPhone or iPod touch as the media, all the data includes playlists, rates, play counts can be synced to new iTunes installation path. Download this tool below and follow the guide to achieve it.

iOS Transfer – migrate iTunes library to new computer

Before you start the transfer process, make sure you’ve upgraded the iTunes to the latest version. For migrate between different versions of iTunes, the database may get unexpected errors.

Step 1 Make a copy of iTunes to iPhone
This iTunes library migration tool needs an iOS device as a bridge to complete the transfer process. Therefore, connect your iPhone to old computer first. Tap the Toolbox and click “Transfer iTunes to Device“.

copy iTunes library to iPhone

By doing this, the program will list entire library on the screen. Now check every single item and click “Transfer“. In less than ten minutes, the whole iTunes library should move into your iOS device.

copy iTunes items to iPhone

Step 2 Export to new iTunes library
Back on the new computer, install iOS Transfer and connect your iPhone to it as you did just now. On the Home page, click “Rebuild iTunes Library” and select parts or all media that you backup on iPhone previously. Now, all you have to do is to relax and wait the program do the rest for you.

migrate data to new iTunes library

It might take you quite a long time based on the data amount. However, it’s worth waiting for it brings all the things you want to iTunes on the new computer.

That’s how you can move iTunes library to a new computer with this mighty iOS Transfer. Furthermore, you may also rebuild your iTunes library with it even your computer gets system failure.

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