How to Delete Pre-installed Apps on Android Phone

Android system is free, but not the Android devices. In order to lower the cost, hardware manufacturers will tend to have co-op with the software company. As a result, they install unnecessary bloatware on the phone, so that they can sell them at a better price. Therefore, you may need to uninstall the software you […]

How to Export and Backup Android Text Messages to Computer

It’s been more three decades since the SMS was introduced to the world. Let along the challenge from WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, SMS is still used by billions of mobile users. We make friends and talk with families by sending and receiving text messages. The messages have already become an essential part of us to keep […]

How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to Android 7

iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile operation systems today. As a result, people who love to keep up with fashion will tend to switch their phones time to time. It’s easy to sync contacts from iPhone to Android or copy iPhone SMS to Android. But it will be a tough job to […]

How to Merge and Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

If you’ve just move contacts from iPhone to new Android phone, it might be a mess. By default, one single contact with different telephone numbers will not join into one. Instead, it will come up two profiles on your contact list. In order to merge the duplicate contact profiles and delete the unnecessary ones, you […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

I’ve just got a new Samsung Galaxy S7 to replace my iPhone 5s which I bought it 3 years ago. But I need to get my contacts extracted completed. Would you let me know how to transfer all my contacts from my old iPhone 5s to Samsung Android phone? Is there software to do so? […]

How to Transfer Photos from Android Mobile to Computer

Compares to expensive iPhone, Android conquers more than 85% of the mobile market with its affordable price and numerous models. With various Android mobile devices, people can experience the convenience brought by the development of technology. Taking photos, shooting films or just having some selfies, Android phone would be one of the most choices. However, […]

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Outlook Account

Hello there, I’m using an old Android mobile while I’d like to move all my contacts to Outlook. Since online service is more reliable, it would be a crucial thing to transfer my data there before this phone fell. However, it seems there is no way to directly sync contacts on Android to Outlook. Any […]

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to New Android Phone

Congrats that you get a new Android 7.0 phone. It might be the latest Nexus 5P or 6X with Android Nougat. Although the new Android operating system provides more and more convenience to the geeks and hackers. But still it is a bit drawback for those who not familiar with it. For examples, copy contacts […]

How to Transfer Text Messages from Android 6 to iPhone 7

Just bought my wife an iPhone 7. However, she needs to move text messages on the old Android to the new iPhone. Is this possible? In other words, any guide to achieving this? Like many other people, it may worry you on when you want to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone. Since iOS and […]

How to Transfer Android Contacts to Gmail Account

Have you ever felt your Android phone become slow down and tend to reset it to factory setting? Or have you wanted to give away your old Android mobile so that you could purchase a new one? Regardless what situation you meet, all you need is to backup your data in the first place. Of […]