How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 7 Plus

No matter you were an Android fan or iPhone lover, no doubt that you eager to get the new iPhone 7. However, contact transfer might be one of the most concerned problems while you switch to new iPhone. Since iTunes is only for Apple devices, you can never apply them on your Android. Therefore, you […]

How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to Android Phone

How do I transfer my iPod Touch’s music to my droid phone? Is there a way I can save 100+ songs on my iPod touch 6 that won’t sync.. please help. Definitely, iPod Touch is one of the best offline music players for music lovers, which also includes latest iPod Touch 6. It provides excellent […]

How to Fix the Device Fails to Connect to Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer supports various brands of mobile phones and tablets. It’s possible to apply it to any Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phone. Since occasionally we get feedback from our customers, we are about to list some tips to solve connection failed. When your can’t get info while connecting to Phone Transfer, or the […]

How to Transfer iPhone SMS to Android Phone/Tablet

First World Problem: iOS or Android? To use a simple and elegant iPhone or to choose one from millions various choices of Android phone? That’s a question. No matter what kind of mobile operation system you choose, the data inside your phone is the most important. Unlike media files like music, photos or videos, text […]

How to Reset Android Phone Without Losing Data

Unlike iPhone, after running for a long time, your Android phone will become slow and run out of storage space. This should blame to too much bloatware, junk files and other unknown issues. The slow Android devices waste you a lot of time and bring you bad user experience. Tricks and tools may help you […]

How to Transfer Photos from Android Phone to iPhone 6s

According to the data from Flickr, besides Canon and Nikon Pro camera, iPhone is the most popular camera around the world. 12 megapixels iSight camera with state-of-the-art sensor, no doubt that iPhone 6s would be a great camera for great photos. All you have to do is tap the shutter button to take the most […]

How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone 6s

Hi All, I have recently swapped my HTC One for an iPhone and I really want to know if I am able to transfer my contacts, SMS and photos from my Android handset to my iPhone 6s. As I don’t want to lose my data. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Android […]

How to Transfer Android Contacts to Nokia WinPhone

I have been trying to figure how to switch my contacts from my Galaxy S6. I had a Nokia Lumia 940 and I really don’t want to manually put my contacts in, but I don’t see where I can export them. Is there a simple way to move contacts from Android Phone to Windows Phone? […]

How to Transfer Data from Old OnePlus to New OnePlus 3

As a successor of OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 was unveiled on June, 2016. Before the global launch, OnePlus has revealed that OnePlus 3 will equipped with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. That should be overwhelming most on sale mobile phone. A 5.5 inches HD display with dual-SIM […]

How to Transfer Music from Mac Computer to Nexus

Following the release of iPhone 6s, among all, the most anticipated one would be the next generation of Google Nexus. For now, it’s announced officially. Not one, but two of them: Nexus 5X from LG and Nexus 6P from Huawei. The new Google Nexus phones carry the most cutting-edge Snapdragon 810 chipset and Android 6.0 […]