Things to Do Before Rooting Android Phones

What is rooting on Android? Perhaps you may confuse it to iOS JailBreak. In fact, they are quite likewise. Rooting on Android means the process of allowing users to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems. Since Android is using Linux kernel, to root an Android device just like access superuser permissions as on Linux. […]

How to Backup Media Files on Windows Phone

After years of co-operation with Nokia, Microsoft has released a few dozens Lumia Windows Mobile. Although it’s never on hot sale, a lot of Nokia fans would tend to own one. Sealed by the label of Nokia, Windows Phone is tough on hardware. However, compared to iOS or Android, Windows Mobile system is quite vulnerable. […]

How to Download BlackBerry Desktop Software and Backup BlackBerry Phone

This Canadian brand, which stood firmly on the physical keyboard for a decade, confirmed it will no longer make another iconic mobile device. Although the BlackBerry has had a very low market share for quite a long time, still there are quite a lot users keep using their favorite BlackBerry devices. Meanwhile, BlackBerry also provides […]

How to Unlock Encrypted Backups in iTunes

In order to protect your privacy and data integrity, iTunes provides password protection and encryption over the backups of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. While you grant a password to enable encrypt backup feature in iTunes, all your information will be encoded. However, if you have enabled password encryption over iTunes backups, you may […]

Quick Guide to Backup and Restore iPhone 7 Data

A lot of your friends flaunt their shiny new iPhone 7. Then a few grands have you spent to acquire one. However, just like Murphy’s law states, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” Therefore, backup your iPhone 7 data routinely is important and essential. Phone Transfer is a powerful mobile data manager provides a […]

How to Reset Android Phone Without Losing Data

Unlike iPhone, after running for a long time, your Android phone will become slow and run out of storage space. This should blame to too much bloatware, junk files and other unknown issues. The slow Android devices waste you a lot of time and bring you bad user experience. Tricks and tools may help you […]

How to Backup Contacts on iPhone SE to Computer

Acquire a shiny latest new bought iPhone SE? No doubt that you would take it out and show everyone you know around. But do you know how to keep your iPhone data safe, prevent the momentous information from loss or stolen. I think it would be only one way to achieve it: Backup routinely. So […]

How to Backup and Restore Android Mobile Devices

Google has released the latest Android 6.0, Marshmallow. The Android Marshmallow doze function and App standby mode saves your juice for what matters most. It also provides a better permission control system for you. Meanwhile, most Nexus devices can upgrade to this cutting-edge mobile system. But wait! Have you already backup your data before upgrade […]