How to Fix iOS Devices Not Detected

Normally, once your iPhone, iPad, iPod (includes iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad Pro) attach to the computer which you’ve installed iOS Transfer, the program would detect it in seconds. The model and other information such as storage, device’s name should show on the primary window as well. But there is a chance that these tools can’t […]

How to Turn off Find My iPhone Feature on iPhone

In most cases, the Find My iPhone feature runs automatically on your iOS device. Also, once you register a new iPhone with your Apple ID, this feature would be enabled by default. It’s crucial and essential for the security of your iPhone. However, it will also block our software to perform a full scan of […]

How to Transfer Data from iPhone 7 to Windows Lumia Phone

Welcome to the great Window Mobile Phone! You are about to get the experience of boundaryless between Windows PC and Windows Mobile. While you login to the Windows desktop, you may easily view your text messages as soon as the Windows Phone receives it. In addition, you could also browse and edit the office documents […]

How to Transfer Data from iOS 9 to iOS 10

Apple has released the tenth iOS mobile operating system in September this year. Without a doubt, it is the great successor to the previous iOS. Furthermore, iOS 10 focuses more on optimizations underhood than on new features. Also, a new Home screen and Lock screen will be included along this update. As of October 7, […]

How to Fix the Device Fails to Connect to Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer supports various brands of mobile phones and tablets. It’s possible to apply it to any Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phone. Since occasionally we get feedback from our customers, we are about to list some tips to solve connection failed. When your can’t get info while connecting to Phone Transfer, or the […]

Innovation of Apple: Incredible iOS 9 features Announced on WWDC 2015

On WWDC 2015, Apple has announced its amazing innovations to the world, which including the OS 10 El Captain for Mac, iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad/iPod and Watch OS 2 for iWatch. Today, we will list you some powerful and practical new functions on iOS 9 that simplifies our life. Now let’s start the tour. Smarter […]