How to Copy Contacts from Computer to iPad Pro

The iPad Pro, a giant 12.9 inches tablet, has already become another option of all mobile productivity devices. With the benefit from Apple Pencil, definitely you will ‘write’ more to your friends. Assuming you’ve already transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, no doubt you can write an email to your friend easily on computer. However, […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad Air

It’s a convenient thing to take photo with iPhone. However, it’s much better to show off photos to your families or friends on a larger screen and better retina display like iPad Air. No doubt that it would be an excellent photo viewer. But here is the problem, How to transfer or sync photos from […]

How to Transfer Video from Android Tablet to iPad

I have an iPad Pro and a Galaxy Tab A tablet now. Here is the problem: What is the easiest way to transfer several large video files from my Android tablet and an iPad? Recently, Apple has released the great giant iPad most ever – iPad Pro. This iOS device has a 12.9 inch Retina […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer

I recently reset my laptop to factory settings. I backed up my data and MOST of my photos on it:( However, I forgot to save the photos before I did it. All I have is a uploaded version on my iPad from a previous time. How do I upload photos onto my computer from my […]

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPad Air

No doubt that you’ve saved a lot of video clips on the computer. But it’s never convenient to sit tight in front of computer to watch a two hours movie. Instead, watch it on iPad while laying on the bed would be much pleasant. However, to transfer movies from computer to iPad is never an […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 7 to iPad Air

I want to transfer my iPhone 7 contacts to my iPad Air 3. I have already had my iPhone backuped on my computer with iTunes and also connected my iPad to iTunes. But when I go to the INFO page and select “sync with” the only option available is Windows and that’s not what I […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to iPad Pro

Want to buy the new iPad Pro and let go off your old iPad 4? Besides, you eager to transfer photos from iPad to the new iPad. Perhaps you can back up the whole iPad 4 and restore it to your new iPad Pro to make it. But still you can’t choose the photos you […]

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Tab to iPad Mini

It’s rumoring around that the next-gen iPad mini 5 tablet is expected to release in September, along with iPhone 7. With latest A9 processor and an M9 Motion co-processor, iPad Mini 5 is capable to use 3D Touch feature. Also, a better waterproof technology will apply on this iPad Mini, which makes it potentially get […]

How to Transfer Video from Mac to iPad Pro

With larger screen compare to iPhone, while lighter weight on MacBook, iPad Pro would be the most successful productivity tool for daily uses. You can easily record, edit and share videos on iPad Pro. But if you have already saved the edited movies on your Mac and you tend to copy them from Mac to […]

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad Pro

For photographers, reporters and designers, they will frequently browse Flickr, 500px, DeviantArt, Instagram, Photobucket to get the inspiration, concept for their works. Access to these websites and save a copy of the arts would be easy for them, but the key to coming up an idea is not caving in themselves. Instead, they need to […]