How to Fix iOS Devices Not Detected

Normally, once your iPhone, iPad, iPod (includes iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad Pro) attach to the computer which you’ve installed iOS Transfer, the program would detect it in seconds. The model and other information such as storage, device’s name should show on the primary window as well. But there is a chance that these tools can’t […]

How to Restore iTunes Playlists from iPhone 7

Hi all. I’m pretty picky about my iTunes playlists. While there are several main ones (“Jazz”, “R&B”, etc.) and these playlists can overlap in their coverage/share certain songs. So last Sunday I realized that I had fat-fingered things and had accidentally deleted the R&B playlist. If possible I’d like to surgically restore *just that R&B […]

How to Export Text Messages from iPhone 7 to Computer

To prevent unintentionally deleting the text messages on your iPhone, exporting text messages from iPhone to computer is a good choice worth considering. Now, here comes the problem: How to backup messages on iPhone 7? Obviously, to backup iPhone messages to PC one by one is not a good idea at all. It’s too tedious […]

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone 7 to Outlook 2016

Another ancient but still working pretty well software that you may have heard a decade before — Outlook. Yep, Microsoft Outlook, a great Email and contact management tool that helps you organize nearly all the daily stuff in one App. Since it’s a contact management tool, some may use it to transfer contacts from Android […]

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone 7 to Computer

The best camera is yet the one holding in your hand. With dual-lens camera equipped, no doubt iPhone 7 is the very best choice for you to shoot out and take a lot of films with. Although the latest iPhone 7 you are using, still it’s not taking full advantage on viewing movies on the […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhoto to iPhone 7

Google has shut down Picasa, a 14 years old image organize software, along with its online service. The project will move and integrate into new-launch Google Photos. However, for Mac user and iOS lover, you would probably use another 14 years old photograph manipulation software – iPhoto. Unlike constantly changing Google, iPhoto from Apple is […]

How to Turn off Find My iPhone Feature on iPhone

In most cases, the Find My iPhone feature runs automatically on your iOS device. Also, once you register a new iPhone with your Apple ID, this feature would be enabled by default. It’s crucial and essential for the security of your iPhone. However, it will also block our software to perform a full scan of […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad Air

It’s a convenient thing to take photo with iPhone. However, it’s much better to show off photos to your families or friends on a larger screen and better retina display like iPad Air. No doubt that it would be an excellent photo viewer. But here is the problem, How to transfer or sync photos from […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 7 to Computer

My goal is to make a backup of my iPhone 7 contacts, preferably in a printed list. Although I’ve figured the way to do that would be to somehow merge my phone contacts into my Google Contacts on my MacBook. However, I do not want to merge my Gmail Contacts into my phone. As there […]

How to Transfer iPhone 7 Photos to Android Phone

The upcoming Android Marshmallow 7.0 has been released. Compare to iPhone 7, Google Nexus 6P are on hot sale. For its lower price and better flexibility on Android, no doubt that you may tend to switch iPhone to Nexus. First of all, welcome to join Android family. While you are using the top cameras on […]