How to Transfer Photos from Android Phone to iPhone 6s

According to the data from Flickr, besides Canon and Nikon Pro camera, iPhone is the most popular camera around the world. 12 megapixels iSight camera with state-of-the-art sensor, no doubt that iPhone 6s would be a great camera for great photos. All you have to do is tap the shutter button to take the most […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone SE to Mac

Photos on my iPhone are very precious for me. Some pictures are me with my lovely son and some are captured with my grandfather who passed away a few months ago. The photos are meaningful to me so I transfer them to Mac as a backup to prevent them from being away from me. But […]

How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone 6s

Hi All, I have recently swapped my HTC One for an iPhone and I really want to know if I am able to transfer my contacts, SMS and photos from my Android handset to my iPhone 6s. As I don’t want to lose my data. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Android […]

How to Fix iOS Devices Not Detected

Normally, once your iPhone, iPad, iPod (includes iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPad Pro) attach to the computer which you’ve installed iOS Transfer, the program would detect it in seconds. The model and other information such as storage, device’s name should show on the primary window as well. But there is a chance that these tools can’t […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone SE to Google Contacts

Considering it’s the most important function along with the development of cellphone and Email, Contact is alway a crucial service for telephone and Internet communication. Nowadays, longer phone number and more complex Email address have become impossible for people to remember. Therefore, we tend to save contacts on our mobile phone, like iPhone. Since our […]

How to Sync Photos between Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s

In the world of phablet, phone-tablet hybrids, there are two popular choices for the customers: Android or iOS. Within all the models they provide, Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s would be the most high-tech, cutting-edge choices on the market. Needless to say, in a week or two, a quantity of people will regret what […]

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone SE

I have backed up all my iPhone data to iTunes last week. Now I want to sync music from iTunes to my new iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold. I am afraid that the new iPhone will overwrite my iTunes Library which result in failed transfer music from iTunes to new iPhone. So I am searching […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s/SE

Apple has released iPhone SE on March 31th, I believe that a great number of iOS fans especially iPhone fans can’t wait to get the new device because of its outstanding features. But I know that the only thing that you care about is the contacts. We can’t imagine if the contacts on our iPhone […]

How to Import Music from CD Disks to iPhone SE

It spends your much money and quite a lot of time to get it. You hold it like a newborn child. What could it be? Well, I guess nothing more important than a signed limited edition CD from the star you fascinated. You decide to take it everywhere you go and keep listening every minute […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Marshmallow

I changed from iPhone to Android 6.0 phone recently because I got tired that iPhone has few models to be chosen compared with Android phones. But the only thing I care about before I decided to buy a new phone with a new operating system is about the contacts transferring issues. It’s tedious to move […]