How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch 6 to Computer

Believe or not, the iPod touch 6, which was put to market 2015, can upgrade to iOS 10.2. I think it’s amazing to every iPod lover. Are you still using iPod touch as your primary music player? Here I strongly recommend you to backup iPod touch music routinely in case that Apple decides to abandon […]

How to Transfer MP3 Music to iPod Touch without iTunes

First of all, I have nearly 1000 MP3 songs stored on my PC. For some reasons, only 559 songs were successfully transferred to iTunes and only 341 able to import into iPod. How can I make sure all MP3 songs move to iTunes, and then to my iPod? Also, is there a more simple way […]

How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to Android Phone

How do I transfer my iPod Touch’s music to my droid phone? Is there a way I can save 100+ songs on my iPod touch 6 that won’t sync.. please help. Definitely, iPod Touch is one of the best offline music players for music lovers, which also includes latest iPod Touch 6. It provides excellent […]

How to Transfer Playlist from iPod touch to iTunes

iPod Touch, a forgotten iOS product, has released the latest 6th generation on July, 2015 quietly. Maybe most Apple fans would rather get the iPhone 6s than iPod Touch 6, but still it’s a product that fascinated by large groups of music lovers. The iPod touch 6 uses the powerful Apple A8 System-on-chip with 1 […]

How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod Touch 6

In order to keep fit, I form a new habit of jogging after dinner recently. I believe that listen to music while jogging will cheer me up so that I can keep holding on. But here’s the thing: I think carrying my Android phone which has a 5 inches display while doing exercise is a […]

How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch 6 to Mac Computer

Planning to get a new iPod Touch and wanna copy the music back to your Mac before switch it? Or simply to avoid hardware crash down? All the situations may lead to the main issue you need to deal with – how to copy music from iPod Touch to Mac. iTunes can only allow you […]

How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch 6 to iTunes 12

Various reasons and scenarios that may you want to transfer music from iPod to iTunes Library. For keep your music pieces safe or secure from data eruption, device loss; for export music in order to free the small storage space of your 16GB iPod touch; or to rebuild iTunes Library when newly installed on another […]

How to Transfer Music from iPod Shuffle to iPod Touch 6

A Thank-You letter from one of our customers of iPod Transfer: “Dear Sales Team of, I write this letter to thank you for the assistance you guys have given to me. I’ve got a new iPod Touch 6 as a bday present and need to transfer music from my old iPod Shuffle to iPod […]