How to Backup Nokia Symbian Phone to Mac Computer

Here is the return of Nokia classic phone, Nokia 3310. The relaunch of Nokia mobile project has dominated news last week. For those who tend to feel the good old days of old-fashion tech, Nokia 3310 provides notable Snake for you to kill time. Compare to the 2000 version, this 2017 one has a 2MP […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 7 to Computer

My goal is to make a backup of my iPhone 7 contacts, preferably in a printed list. Although I’ve figured the way to do that would be to somehow merge my phone contacts into my Google Contacts on my MacBook. However, I do not want to merge my Gmail Contacts into my phone. As there […]

How to Transfer Video from Mac to iPhone

I created a 15 second video on my Mac and want to post it to Instagram. When I tried converting it to Quicktime with iTunes and adding it to the iPhone that way, I can’t see the video in the Photos on the iPhone. I’ve also tried reducing the file size and emailing it to […]

How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone 6s to Mac

This might be a question that others have already asked before: How to transfer voice memos from iPhone to Mac? Some say that I can use Dropbox. But I ran out of space on my Dropbox now. What can I do? Need help urgently, can anyone offer help please? We can’t leave without voice memos […]

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone SE to Mac

Photos on my iPhone are very precious for me. Some pictures are me with my lovely son and some are captured with my grandfather who passed away a few months ago. The photos are meaningful to me so I transfer them to Mac as a backup to prevent them from being away from me. But […]

How to Transfer Music from Mac Computer to Nexus

Following the release of iPhone 6s, among all, the most anticipated one would be the next generation of Google Nexus. For now, it’s announced officially. Not one, but two of them: Nexus 5X from LG and Nexus 6P from Huawei. The new Google Nexus phones carry the most cutting-edge Snapdragon 810 chipset and Android 6.0 […]

How to Transfer Video from Mac to iPad Pro

With larger screen compare to iPhone, while lighter weight on MacBook, iPad Pro would be the most successful productivity tool for daily uses. You can easily record, edit and share videos on iPad Pro. But if you have already saved the edited movies on your Mac and you tend to copy them from Mac to […]

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad Pro

For photographers, reporters and designers, they will frequently browse Flickr, 500px, DeviantArt, Instagram, Photobucket to get the inspiration, concept for their works. Access to these websites and save a copy of the arts would be easy for them, but the key to coming up an idea is not caving in themselves. Instead, they need to […]

How to Transfer Music from Mac to Android 6.0 Phone/Tablet

Transferring music from Mac to Android is not as simple as transferring from Mac to iPhone because of the operating system obstacle which makes it unable to directly transfer the songs through iTunes. But fortunately, it’s not impossible thanks to iTunes Transfer. Below is the persuasive introduction on what iTunes Transfer is and how it […]

How to Transfer Music from iPhone SE to mac

I am a music lover, while music means a lot for me. Recently, I am thinking about updating my iPhone SE to the iOS 9.3 but I heard that there are some bugs still waiting to be fixed. I am afraid that my songs are damaged during the upgrade so I want to transfer music […]