How to Transfer Music from Android to Android N

Google has rapidly developed their great mobile system – Android. Now Android Nougat rolling out. No doubt that you need and eager to grab a brand new Android N mobile and get in use ASAP. But the stuff on the old Android phone, how should we treat it? Just leave them to stay there? Of […]

How to Backup Media Files on Windows Phone

After years of co-operation with Nokia, Microsoft has released a few dozens Lumia Windows Mobile. Although it’s never on hot sale, a lot of Nokia fans would tend to own one. Sealed by the label of Nokia, Windows Phone is tough on hardware. However, compared to iOS or Android, Windows Mobile system is quite vulnerable. […]

How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch 6 to Computer

Believe or not, the iPod touch 6, which was put to market 2015, can upgrade to iOS 10.2. I think it’s amazing to every iPod lover. Are you still using iPod touch as your primary music player? Here I strongly recommend you to backup iPod touch music routinely in case that Apple decides to abandon […]

How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to Android 7

iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile operation systems today. As a result, people who love to keep up with fashion will tend to switch their phones time to time. It’s easy to sync contacts from iPhone to Android or copy iPhone SMS to Android. But it will be a tough job to […]

How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to iTunes

Planning to get the fancy iPhone 7 Plus to replace the old iPhone? But do you know how to copy music between them? Of course, you may transport them via iTunes, by making a music library and import and export them several times with complicated procedures. But would there be a more simple method to […]

How to Transfer MP3 Music to iPod Touch without iTunes

First of all, I have nearly 1000 MP3 songs stored on my PC. For some reasons, only 559 songs were successfully transferred to iTunes and only 341 able to import into iPod. How can I make sure all MP3 songs move to iTunes, and then to my iPod? Also, is there a more simple way […]

How to Download music from YouTube to iPhone

Once you’ve heard a wonderful song on YouTube, there is no way you can live without it. No doubt that you need to go grab it downloaded to computer and replay it for a million times. Furthermore, you would love to share it with your very significant one. Now, you need to get acknowledge on […]

How to Download and Transfer Spotify Music to BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry, a company famous for making cellphones with physical keyboards, has announced to stop making its own devices. Although you can’t get any further update on hardware, but its software continues. There are still lots of fun that you can experience on BlackBerry phone, like music. Spotify is one of popular music service all over […]

How to Download Music from Youtube to iTunes

A lot of music lovers would love to listen and watch music videos on Youtube. But in some cases, you may be on a slow network the would throttle your streaming speed. Or, you want to share some marvelous pieces newly released episodes to your friend. But you need to grab it on your computer […]

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone 7 without iTunes

With the release of new generation iPhone, the price gap between iPhone and iPod touch has become smaller. As a result, more Apple fans would rather spend a little bit to get an iPhone instead of iPod touch. Both iPhone and iPod touch are running on iOS. Therefore, you may use it as a portable […]