How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to Android Phone

How do I transfer my iPod Touch’s music to my droid phone? Is there a way I can save 100+ songs on my iPod touch 6 that won’t sync.. please help. Definitely, iPod Touch is one of the best offline music players for music lovers, which also includes latest iPod Touch 6. It provides excellent […]

How to Transfer Music from iPhone 7 to Computer

At long last, iPhone 7 is about to be available all over the world. Apple sticks with the traditional naming system with the introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. After more than two months digging on the upcoming iOS 10, no doubt that everyone is excited to experience it on the actual phones. […]

How to Transfer Music from Mac Computer to Nexus

Following the release of iPhone 6s, among all, the most anticipated one would be the next generation of Google Nexus. For now, it’s announced officially. Not one, but two of them: Nexus 5X from LG and Nexus 6P from Huawei. The new Google Nexus phones carry the most cutting-edge Snapdragon 810 chipset and Android 6.0 […]

How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android Phone and Tablet

I’ve downloaded the music on my computer and now I am going to transfer those songs from to Android phone, which is running Android 6.0, Marshmallow. Is it possible? And please show me the easiest way to transfer music from computer to Android. Do you have the same need with this Android user? If your […]

How to Record Music from Spotify to iTunes Library

We love to work in the atmosphere of music we enjoy, just like we tend to relax with the joy from our favorite TV series that lately broadcast. Therefore, music from Spotify while you are working out is as important as streaming films from Netflix when you lean back to sofa on a lazy Friday […]

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Phone

iOS and Android, as we known, are two leading operating systems in today’s smartphone world. To occupy more market share, they are quite isolate to each other. Which means it is not that easy to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, the same hassle comes to music transfer between iTunes and Android. Thankfully, there’re some […]

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone SE

I have backed up all my iPhone data to iTunes last week. Now I want to sync music from iTunes to my new iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold. I am afraid that the new iPhone will overwrite my iTunes Library which result in failed transfer music from iTunes to new iPhone. So I am searching […]

How to Import Music from CD Disks to iPhone SE

It spends your much money and quite a lot of time to get it. You hold it like a newborn child. What could it be? Well, I guess nothing more important than a signed limited edition CD from the star you fascinated. You decide to take it everywhere you go and keep listening every minute […]

How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod Touch 6

In order to keep fit, I form a new habit of jogging after dinner recently. I believe that listen to music while jogging will cheer me up so that I can keep holding on. But here’s the thing: I think carrying my Android phone which has a 5 inches display while doing exercise is a […]

How to Transfer Music from Old iPhone to iPhone SE

Just order a shiny iPhone SE from Apple Store and desire to throw away your old iPhone 5s? Perhaps you may need to move all your favorite music from old iPhone to new iPhone SE. iTunes or iCloud maybe good choices for you if all the music items were purchased on App Store. But other […]